Need help with Acura deals

Can anyone help me with a deal on Acura ILX or RDX in Chicago suburbs area? Any deal with Subaru Outback will also work for me.
I am looking for a payment around 250-300 with 0 down.

Any trim will work for me and i am looking for 24 month lease

I’m interested in the numbers for the ilx as well.
In the meantime, I suggest you go to and get a 1,750 rebate they have floating around that works towards the ilx and tlx.

Advertised special in ma. Ilx base 188 a month, 3k down. With nego and 1250 cert, should be ble to get ilx base for under 200

16 ILX $116/mo for 24 months with 4k down. however if you have a $1750 edmunds cert and $500 graduate cash that will be $1750 cash down.

Hi, i am not able to find $1750 edmunds cert. Can you please confirm where i can find that. It is showing me $1000 on Edmunds.

Also, when i called dealer he is telling me selling price of 23115. Can you let me know is this a good price?

I was just searching for the ilx and it popped up in a banner.

I got a price of 23,900 before 750 lease cash

Mine was 23115 after lease cash so i think you got same price as me.

Can anyone suggest where can i find Edmund certificate for $1750?

I suggest the TLX I just posted a new thread got a family member $199 with $0 down. More worth it than the ILX unless offcourse that is the specific car you want.

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Hi, i was looking for a 24 month lease rather than 36 month. Do you know how much TLX will cost for 24 month lease?

You can plug the numbers in the leasehackr calculator but I believe they’re about $10/more for the TLX.