Need help with a VW Passat R-Line lease

Here’s one quote that I got for 36mo/12k. Includes $500 grad incentive and $1000 rebate. $1000 DAS. I’ll post a second quote below.

Here’s a second quote at $200/mo inc tax.

Did the dealer make that offer or you came up with the numbers? Numbers don’t match what you inputted into the calculator.

I didn’t verify the MF/RV, but the down payment, incentives and post-sale rebate look wrong.

I couldn’t get the calculator to work right. The quotes include $1000 rebate and $500 grad incentive. The RV is 50% on both. The MF is in the calculator for both…a little higher for the 2nd quote.

The August incentives according to Edmunds are:
.00001 MF
$1000 summer smile bonus
$2600 dealer incentives (for No. CA)

Do you have a copy of the lease worksheet?

Yes can I PM to you?

Sure…or just post it here.

I need to sign today so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Why do you keep saying you have to sign today? Do YOU actually have to, or is that what the dealer is telling you? If it’s the dealer telling you, they’re bullshitting you.


wait till the end of the month and get it for even less!

I am seeing $6k + in discounts so this should be less I think. Nevermind in the calculator you have the discount accounted for but I would try for less as these are not selling.

neither quote uses buy rate MF; why?

all else is good if that is the trim you want. R-Line includes big, heavy 19 inch tires and wheels and no real performance improvement over S/SE. It does look better though…

Seems all VW dealers bump the buy rate whenever they get to 20-23% off MSRP with incentives.

.00001 and 50%
$1000 summer smile bonus
$2600 dealer incentives (CA only)

remember that 3600 of the 6000 discount from msrp comes from VW, not the dealer.
If you must make a deal today, i would try a little lower monthly on the one with the LED lighting package ($1195)

Thanks. Is it easier negotiating lower buy rate or sales price? Or just lower monthly?

let them decide that; make an offer you are comfortable with and let them say yes/no.

To make a deal today, “i am willing to pay xxx due at signing plus 35 additional payments of yyy”
right now it’s 1000 and 215 which isn’t bad at all.

Ok. The second quote is 1000 and $200. Just not sure how much to try and squeeze.

this is pretty good. I signed in May for $220/mo with tax and 800$ DAS for a slightly higher MSRP $28660. That deal took me 12+ dealers to get to. You can try to shop the deal with another dealer to see what you an get, but if your in a time crunch, its still a good deal.