Need help with a daily commuter

Hi all

I have a 2004 Honda Civic with 159K miles that I have had for the past 14 years. My commute is close to 130 miles a day which I repeat 3 days a week. I have noticed that I suffer from back pain whenever I drive that car to work. When I drive my 2017 Honda Pilot, I do not experience the same discomfort.

Looking to replace Civic with a more comfortable vehicle and would appreciate your suggestions. I am leaning towards a smaller suv as I like in NJ and can use 4WD in winters but I am payment sensitive as well therefore have not ruled out sedans altogether. Trying to stay under $200/ month with everything rolled in.

Please guide this novice. Thanks!

2018 Honda accord – Lexus LS 460 – Lexus ES 300h – my bad missed the $200 part lol

Non of which would ever fit under $200/mo

Also I doubt the Accord would even help with his back problems. Also at 130 miles a day x 12 days he would be at 19k in 1 year. I suggest OP look into a used ES 300 with lumbar support.

Man, thats 2k miles a month, 24k miles a year for just commute to work and then life happens … so an estimated ~25-30k miles/year … staying less than 200 might be tough … if you can expand ur budget to 300-350 with buying extra miles, seems possible … or you can just buy another cpo crossover and drive it until wheels fall off again.

Bottom line…you aren’t going to lease something needing that many miles for 200/mo.

It’s more like 20k a year by my math. The Sonata deal looks like it got a little better this month. I bet you could could get close on one of those, not sure what their prepaid mile cost is but I bet you could get to $250ish or less

130 day x 5 days a week x 49 weeks (assuming 3 weeks off/yr) = 31,850 just to commute.

Eh…I missed 3 days/wk. my mistake. That’s 19,110, so you’re right.

Read the post, 3 days a week, I’m assuming 130 is round trip

Check out a Buick Encore, but I bet the seats aren’t great.

Here’s a deal at local dealer in Colorado, I just used their calculator. Looks like it’s $0.15 per extra mile over the 45k for the term. I assumed using boost up, so it would be $500 out of pocket, not sure how much wiggle room these guys have built in

Looks like $247 plus tax, that’s pretty cheap for 60k

What’s the cheap Chebby AWD SUV? Traverse?

Put some thought into upping your budget to maybe $300/mo.

Look at swapalease

Trax aka less fancy Encore

Thank you folks. I would be able to swap cars between the civic, pilot and the new one so milage might not be an issue. 15k/year should suffice. I was looking at the new Jetta and it seems like a good car. What are your thought about it? I think I will be purchasing the new RAV 4 once it comes out and the initial demand is satisfied and need something to hold me out for the next 24 months. Are there any deals out there in the tri-state area for trax, encore or anything similar, if yes, please direct me. Thanks!

Stick to sedans. They are much a better value right now

New Jetta is suppose to be nice, I haven’t checked it out yet but it’s all new on the great MBQ platform. I have a 2016 and it has the same motor 1.4T, awesome power and great gas mileage. Easily get 40mpg on the highway. I would definitely check it out. Once the 2018’s are cleared out the deals on the 2019 will get better

Thanks max_g.
Please do share any deals that you might come across. Much appreciated!

Look at the Marketplace ads regardless of region. You should be able to replicate many of them

Thanks joeblogs!

I am looking at a 2019 Jetta SEL. It ticks all the checkboxes on my need list and then some. Do you know what kind of incentives are out there and if there’s a particular timeframe which you would suggest to wait till in order to make the deal, especially knowing that it’s a new car and dealers might not be willing to negotiate at this time.

Top tip max_g. Many Thanks!