Need help with 2021 Jeep Gladiator lease numbers

So I’m trying to negotiate a lease payment on a brand new 2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport S with an MSRP of $43.270. I have a 2017 Jeep Compass that have about 5 months left into my lease that I’m trying to trade into the dealer. I went to edmunds true car value and was able to negotiate the price down to $40.434. Dealer told me money factor is at .00140 and found out residual is at 75% for 39/12 giving $1000 plus first month DAS should put me at roughly $314 a month according to the calculator, but dealer insists im off by at least 55$…can someone help me where i messed up or if they just trying to play me out please. Deal is being worked in NJ.

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When I put in only the $1000 at signing I’m closer to 360 per month. look at the right column of your calculator. It shows 2275 due at signing. Unless you check the zero due at signing it automatically places the upfront tax as due.

Are you selecting the option of tax is levied upfront on total lease payment (NJ) ?

How much of your selling price is dealer discount, and how much is incentives? The incentives need to be listed as taxable.

Also, is this price you are using their actual offer, or are you just plugging the Edmunds price into the calculator? Is there a reason that you are looking for a 2021 vs a 2020? There will most likely be more incentives/more aggressive deals and dealers on remaining 2020 stock, and it’s not like they really changed much, if anything.

Looks like the RV on Gladiators has bounced back up.

Here is your calculator if your DAS is actually $1000. I get $360/mo, with corrected NJ tax, which is probably pretty close to your dealer. I’m guessing you are short on some doc fees.

I’d rather have the 2021 with the higher RV. Your doing good to get any discount, I won’t go into the 6% below invoice rant.

I forgot the sales man told me i qualify for $1000 incentives probably $500 conquest n $500 fortune 500 employee . And the price I’m using is what i asked for and they were okay with dropping it to that. The only reason is a 2021 is because this particular dealer don’t have any 2020 left and is like 5 blocks from my house.

What’s happening to the Compass? Are they going to buy it, or roll the remaining payments into the new lease? That could be the reason why they are telling you that it will be higher. The leasing programs on the 2021 don’t look bad, even without incentives. As always with CJDR you should compare the programs available through US Bank, Ally, Credit Unions etc.

This is what they said… “it all depends on when the deal is done cause it changes as to whats owed and worth of your compass as the market changes weekly we have work it both ways and they are close”

Have you gotten any quotes from Carvana, Vroom, Algo (etc) on selling the Compass instead of trading it in? Since the vehicle is leased, there is no benefit of trading with your dealer if you can get a higher offer elsewhere.

Yes i have… everyone is offering under the payoff and is also a usbank lease so I’ve heard they’re not the easiest to sell either.

Deal seems pretty solid then.

The $1000 you are putting in the ‘down payment’ field is just reducing your depreciation amount which is why you are seeing a much lower payment. Take that out and you are at $352.00.

Got you… they first quoted me the car at $395 per month and after telling them my numbers they dropped 15$ to that :confused:

Can someone help me with a link or a step by step guide on how to secure a deal on a customized vehicle from a dealer please… if the vehicle takes say 2 months to arrive, when do you negotiate the lease deal? Is there a way to lock in a price when you order the vehicle at the dealership? If any lease credits changes and are better at the moment of delivery can you get those instead of older ones? I was told by a dealership that if i want to order the vehicle i will be subject to what ever programs are out when the truck arrives… is it true?
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