Need Help with 2019 BMW 330i xDrive Lease


I just received this quote from a dealer I’ve been talking with for a few days via email. I told the sales rep that I’ve leased many cars before and to please cut through the red tape and let’s talk serious numbers. I told him once we come to terms that I will drive down tomorrow to pick up the car. I was a bit shocked when I saw his numbers. I’ve gone back and asked for 15% off MSRP. The car has been on their lot for awhile. I can’t figure out how to add a lease calculator on my post, but using other BMW lease calculators on the site it seems his numbers are way off. The car will be leased out of NJ and the dealer is in MD.

Any suggestions?

36 months w/ 15000 miles a year. $665/month. First month payment due at signing.
2019 Model Year
Not a demo

MSRP: $49050
Discount: $3000
incentives: $3250
Mats: $169
Subtotal: $42969
Taxes: $3062.01
Doc Fee: $299
Total $46330.01

MF is .000205. I already asked why they’re not using the base MF. Waiting for a response. I don’t think I’m going to use MSD’s.

Invoice, hmpfh. Let’s try a little harder.

The dealer just me emailed me and said he can’t do better than 6% off MSRP. I just told them if that’s his best number than I’m going to look for another car.

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Yeah, not bad enough they’re grabbing you for $40-45/mo in extra interest.

Some of the brokers here cover NJ. You might want to reach out to one or more of them. They have been offering much better deals.

Yes. I think I’ll try some of the local brokers. Thank you.

At least he’s making it up on the charge for the floor mats. LOL.

I wouldn’t waste my time with this dealership.

Yes. I’m heading in that direction. When you tell a sales rep that you’ve leased many cars over the years and to please provide me with serious numbers and you get an offer like this, it’s time to move on.

MD is tough. Most dealerships ignored me accept 1 “Passport”

Thanks. I’m looking for a navy blue 330i xDrive of C300 4Matic and this 3 series had the options I wanted. I have time to wait for the right car and would consider a demo vehicle as well.

My advice would be to go with a loaner for the best deal. There are great Hackers on this site that can deliver what you want.(fee) lol…Color is always tricky unless you buy new. Patience is key and be ready to go on a drop of a dime.

For that price you are better off leasing an Audi S4 and still do better.
I just signed a 2019 330i xDrive loaner $380 month 12k miles, just to give you an idea how bad this deal is.

Oh I know it’s a horrible offer. Is the $380 with tax and 0 DAS?

Yup with tax. 0 DAS, rolling over my pervious MSD’s and it covers the new MSD price and 1st month payment.

What was the MSRP on your car and how much of a discount did you get before incentives?

That’s a terrible deal! I’m getting much better deals for the 2019 330 new and loaners.

PM if you don’t want the hassle of haggling thanks!

What kind of offers are you able to provide. I too am interested in what Kevind asked for, 36m 15k a year on 330i xdrives.


47k loaner 18.5% off before 3250 incentives and 3180 MSDs

That’s a good deal. If a car is totaled or stolen do you lose your MSD’s?

Hey Guys first time dealer this what I got from BMW Manhattan in new york. Is this a good deal?

BMW 330i xdrive Mediterranean Blue/Canberra Beige Sensatec. Convenience package with navigation, heated steering and ambient lighting.

MSRP: $49,335
Selling price: $45,375
36 month/15,000 miles
Rebates: $1000
Lease end value: $28,614
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00145
Total Tax Window: $1907.74

Monthly Payment: $543.63

Amount Due upfront: $3,766.37

I’m going to be moving to Delaware in 2 weeks and the sales guy said it’s cheaper for you to lease from here since DE charges 4.25% of selling price which is more than NY.

Is this a good deal?