Need help on a 330 lease number

Hi Guys

Dealer send me a lease proposal on a 330 loaner with 4036 on it :

MSRP: 46785

the upfront charges includes:

  1. 8.875% tax
  2. first month
  3. $925 bank fee
  4. $275 nys DMV
  5. $75 NYS doc
  6. $20 nys inspection

MF is .00166

I put the numbers in calculator but the monthly seems to be $397 instead of $409.99
Did I put any number wrong?

@shengyang999, I think most people on this forum will tell you to “shoot for higher dealer discount” + rebates. Looks like you’re at 15% + 3K rebate. Try to shoot for 18-20% particularly since the vehicle is approaching 5K. Will help offset the DAS. I’ve been negotiating with a dealer on a loaner wagon, we’re now at 17% + rebates.

yes the dealer agreed to lower the monthly to 390 without giving me any detail.

But just don’t quite understand with those numbers, why the monthly payments are different

I noticed the residual in the calc comes out a bit different than in your picture by a few bucks. That might explain it. The calculator might also be rounding off the .1 in the RV too.

As mentioned, you really should be looking for more of a discount on a loaner with 4k miles. You can get a non-loaner with that MSRP for about $400 a month, especially when you factor in things like BMW CCA.

Assuming it’s still an option, you can have them bump up the MF a bit to waive the acquisition fee. That’s usually better on shorter leases and low option builds. Might even be how they mysteriously lowered the price to 390.