Need Help on 2022 RAM


Leasing soon, a 2022 Ram, just ran credit and want to know if it sounds good. Im seeing a bunch of people with low payments, but I am sure I know why.

Put together a calculator with all the relevant info.

Do you have the trim level as well? It’s stickered at 64k, with the discount, which also seems hefty given the market, it’s hard to really determine if this is a good deal or not.

The trim is a Laramie, the sticker price is 65k actually. However when I ordered the price was 64,100 and the dealer is honoring that price. I was given 5% under invoice plus another 1% for FCA Affiliate.

So the selling price is 64,100 or 6% below 65k?

sticker is 65k
they honored 64,100 which was the original msrp before price increase

invoice is $59,074 - 6% = $55,529+ $75.00 affiliated junk = $55,604

Are there any incentives?

None for lease. Retail does have 1k.

65K for a Laramie??? Are you sure it’s not a limited? I got an order Rebel stickered at 58K for $49K from Mark Dodge in La. So that sticker seems really high.

well I am getting for 55k, a rebel is just an off road package laramie/ bighorn. The limited are up in the 80’s

There’s definitely more differences than that… and it also carried a better RV, at least when I was looking a couple months back.

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Both those statements are wildly inaccurate but not interested in doing a dialogue on the subject. If your not in a rush and can wait for a custom build, You will save money ordering from Mark Dodge. Best of luck and enjoy whatever you decide to purchase.

Do you have a contact at Mark Dodge? I have a local Pa dealer doing 5% below invoice but not sure if there may be better deals farther away.

Same deal from Mark Dodge, just closer to me

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