Need help negotiating BMW i3 loaner lease

Hey guys, leasehackr virgin and newbie at leasing loaner cars. Have a BMW dealer that has some 2017 i3s that they apparently still can lease ( have a one month extension) They are discounting about 13% off msrp of around $52k, after all lease cash, they want $1000 down and around $340/mo plus tax for 36/15k mi for Tier 1. At $2k down, it will be $310/mo. I don’t qualify for loyalty or anything like that. These numbers are not great.

I asked about MSD and one pay lease, the manager said it won’t “make much of a difference.” Any tips will be appreciated.

What’s the mf on the lease? Hard to tell if MSD will help without knowing what the base mf is.

$370/mo on an i3 seems really high to me for a demo 2017.

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These ‘deals’ sound about the same as what is available for the '18s.

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