Need help negotiating a 2017 Pacifica Limited deal

Hi Hackrs! Need some help breaking down a lease offer I just received.

2017 Pacifica Limited
MSRP: $48175
Selling Price: $43028
Price Adjustment (whatever that means): $2150
Adjusted Selling Price: $45,178
Incentives: $4500
True Sign and Drive
RV: 46%
MF: .000130
FL Tax: 7%
Monthly: $552

I would think they would be a little more aggressive with a 2017 at the end of the month. Based on other Pacifica deals I’ve seen here, I was thinking at least in the $400s.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

maybe @FrozenTundra can help, he recently posted his pacifica lease

That looks terrible, what would a 2018 lease for? How many other dealers have you talked to? That price adjustment thing smells bogus. Total profit, that’s funny, is that suppose to make people feel bad…lol Get on the phone, last time I checked, Pacifica’s were not a hot item. Bank fee markup, no thank you, please remove.

Hahahahaha, but they’re losing 3000 bucks on the deal!!!

Seriously, why do business with a dealer that marks up a car…after a discount???

The price adjustment is just a poorly labeled inception fee. But since they are charging the acq fee separate, that is a huge inception fee. RV is terrible too. They are only issuing a 2k dealer discount on a 2017, ridiculous. I agree, see what a 2018 would lease for.

Thanks everybody for the input!

So I called the dealer back and asked them to run the numbers for a 24mo lease. (I saw on the Ally site that RV for 24 was MUCH better)

They came back with the same numbers above except for:

RV: 53%
MF: .001017 (not a typo)
New Monthly: $739

Now I see why this dealer has a TON of 17s left in their inventory. Let’s just say I’ve moved on. Haha. Not event going to bother negotiating with these guys. This actually helped us decide to purchase a 2018 CPO Odyssey we’ve been eyeing!

On par with quotes I received. Actually, I negotiated for Pacifica Hybrid Limited and got deals around $530/mo tax included, zero drive off, tier 1, 36/10k in SoCal.

There are a couple of dealers here in the San Fran Bay area that are giving $8K discount on 2018 Pacifica.