Need help making a deal on a 2020 M340I

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Currently living in Rhode island, these are the numbers given to me on a BMW m340I 36/10. Trying to get it lowered. Thoughts?

Oy vey…not very good at all. Supply issues aside at 5% off on a 2020 there’s a lot of work to be done. The high dealer fee isn’t helping either.

My thoughts as well, I think cause I mentioned this is my first time buying they are trying to swindle me into a bad deal! Leasehackr family has my back though.

Do you know the rebates you qualify for? I’d open dialogues with more dealers, in more areas. Cast a wider net. Go to school on what others have already stated here and look for a minimum of 9-11% off pre-incentive on a new unit.

That’s a bit hopeful in today’s market, especially for an m340. But definitely spread your net and try for as much as you can get.

Boston Car Concierge is a broker on here who does BMW’s in Massachusetts. It may be worth reaching out to him. I can tell you as a fellow RI’er those 2 dealerships take a lot of work

Thank you!

I’ll be honest-You wont get a great deal in New England this month on an m340.

You’ll have better luck in NY/NJ with one of the brokers on this site. Still, you prob won’t be happy with the m340 deals.

I’ll reach out! And actually, this dealership is in Pennsylvania.

Ah that’s sad to hear. Well maybe I just wait until the new inventory of 2021’s are brought in, I just graduated so might as well save up a little more cash and drive my scion tc a little longer :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’ll save you the time haha

I would love to help as I want to get every deal for New England clients!

The reality is, I wouldn’t even feel good presenting you with the numbers I am seeing this month.

That’s why my marketplace posts have been down this month. Hardly any LH quality deals in New England for BMW at this time. Dealers are breaking records for Gross Profit/Unit.

I would hold and do something Q4 if it were me. No harm in saving a little extra $$$!


How far might you be willing to go:


We’re ready to go for orders!

As is the standard, credit apps must be submitted in order to get a build slot. The dealership requests non-refundable deposits of $1,000 for cars under $60,000 and $2,000 for cars above $60,000. If you are doing $0 at signing, the deposit is refunded at that time so that you can do a true $0 DAS. Otherwise, the deposit will be credited to drive-offs. We also are asking for half of the broker fee up-front, and this is non-refundable.

You can do a performance center delivery, pick up the car at the dealership, or ship the car. The dealership is located on the east coast.

We can also generally do the same amount on new, in-stock 2020s, but X3Ms and X4Ms are 11%.

2021 order information

3 series
330i - 10% off
M340i - 9% off
330e - 10% off

Are you a broker or dealer? Im not the broker police but I dont see any sort of tag next to your name indicating you as such.

Sorry passing it along for IAC

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Ohhh hahah sorry! I didnt realize the copy and paste!

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Can already tell you are gonna be my car broker when the time is right then! Hope to be working with you in Q4, and really looking forward to getting my first “sports” car

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no problem. My cheaters feel off and I forgot to add her tag.

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Dealership is just past PA and cars can be shipped, but it’s definitely just easier to go in person, even from RI! If you were in PA, it’s even easier - let me know if I have that backwards - just took a quick glance between things from work.

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You got that right! Dealership is in PA, I’d like to go but just have a busy schedule at the moment. So many birthday/events in the summer on the weekends for me, and don’t want to take much time off from work right now. Gonna ask them to give me a better deal but most likely just gonna wait for the 2021 inventory to come in, so I get an actual good deal

Have you tried looking on swapalease?

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