Need help, Lexus RX 350L lease SoCal

So I recently leased an RX 350L. As I was signing the paperwork I realized they did not include my recent grad rebate. I talked to the sale manager, she said no worries, and that she’ll send a rebate check one all complete. So the delivery driver took a photo of my diploma and the next morning I sent over recent pay stubs as discussed. The car was purchased 4/6. Every week I would call, talk to the finance director and he he said they were working on it. Last I called 10 days ago, he said they were sending over the rebate check. Still nothing in the mail. Called again yesterday and he said he spoke with the sales manager that I was initially dealing with and his exact words was that she said “I was already getting a really good deal so she declined it”. At first I was hesitant to sign without anything written on paper with the guarantees and I guess I probably have learned my lesson.
So for the last few days I have been trying to get a hold of the general sales manager. I have called every day, left messages and even emails without a reply.

Anything else I can do?
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Methinks you’ve answered your own query.



Nothing in writing, I say good luck. I think they are telling you to pound sand by ghosting you.


And honestly it’s not even the money that pisses me off. Don’t thinki’ve ever been disrespected like that and legally lied to like that. I’m a physician and with all this going on in the world this is literally the least of my worries but just can’t stand being played this way. Oh well.

I’m afraid you’ve paid $500 tuition to a school that guarantees the same doesn’t happen again.

I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think there’s any real helpful advice to be shared. Therefore I’m respectfully closing thread.

Best of luck.