Need Help - I want out of my GLE 350 Lease!


Hey guys i need some advice. I want out of my lease a bit early so that i can get into a 22 M3 Comp. Wondering what are the chances i can walk away clean from the lease given the current market. A quick search of MB used car inventory tell you they are lacking and perhaps give me an opportunity. 19 months left on the lease w/ 27k miles ( i will be way over miles). I’m a little worried putting in the order for the BMW without having a secure exit from the benz. Delivery will take about 14 weeks. Suggestions?

Well I don’t have a crystal ball but right now if it’s a clean title car you have a great chance of walking away clean or with equity on a GLE.

14 weeks from now I have no clue but I’m inclined to say it’ll be similar.

feel free to reach out when the time comes. i can easily take the benz off your hands. don’t expect the situation to change drastically in 3 months.

Thanks! I’m local in North Jersey

Assuming you can even find a buildable M3 Comp allocation that isn’t spoken for or a decently long line for, sure. I’ve been seeing modifiables (not 047 status) taking as long as 20 weeks due to that pesky RAM module stop sale.

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Apparently I’m first in line for the next round of allocations. Dealership promises delivery in under 15 weeks. I couldn’t believe it either. I will certainly share location (down south) once i get confirmation. I think it helps to look in less populated areas.

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Sent you a PM. We are more then happy to purchase your MBFS lease and cut you a check for the equity…


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Don’t mean to hijack this post but I see a lot of brokers/wholesalers somehow suggesting they can buy out the lease of this MB. I thought MB was no longer allowing third party buyouts. I’m in a similar situation and pretty sure I have equity but stuck in the no 3P buyout problem.

It will be executed through a Mercedes dealership.

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And they are willing to pay out the equity (I.e. fair market value) or just get you out on a clean break?



Putting in BMW order means nothing timing wise unless you have a real allocation/production number. Do you?

Not yet. Apparently I’m number one on the list which tells me the next available allocation is mine.

Believe when you see esp for M3/M4. And who knows when dealer will even get allocation. And in what build week too. Lots of potentially lengthy variables.

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