Need help evaluating a lease: Infiniti QX60, 1k DAS, 39/12, 525 per month

I’m a little bit new at this so please forgive any errors:
SoCal - leasing the Infiniti QX60 with Proactive package.
$1,000 DAS
MSRP 52,420
Discount 7,920
Rebate 0
Accessories 0
Adjusted price 44,500
Total taxes 1,780.59
Total fees 1,417.35
Trade allowance 0
Trade payoff 0
F&I adds 995 (I’m adding wear and tear protection because I have 2 little kids)
Gross cap cost 46,438.60
Residual amount 27,782.60


I’ve seen people getting these in the $400 range after tax with $1k DAS

If you are in SoCal, suggest you ring up @LeaseHero

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What’s the monthly, dealer discount and money factor? Try plugging it all into the calculator. Without the necessary info we can’t really evaluate.