Need help - dealer confiscating my leased car


Hi guys,
Long story short.
I leased an F150 in NJ last Thursday. As per of the deal, the dealer told me they would help me get out of my current lease with Nissan, by sending my car to their Nissan dealer. They kept the car in order to do so.
It turns out they were not going to take over my lease or buy out the car. They simply wanted me to return the vehicle early, because apparently they took an extra $1000 rebate on the F150 because I was a current lesee from Nissan.
Now they will not give me back my car unless I agree to sign a new contract in the F150 where they will embed the $1000 rebate in the MSRP of the car; hence increasing my monthly payments by $30.
Meanwhile the Nissan is in my name but under their possession.
What should I do?
I need help immediately.
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Why do you want your old car back?

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Because I am still liable for wear and tear and there are a few months left in the lease which I prepaid.

Since they are not going to take care of the lease I want to fix the rims, etc before returning the car

This is easy. You qualified for the conquest rebate as you had that lease. They didn’t bake your Nissan into your deal. Thus, they are in illegal possession of your vehicle. Call the police if they don’t give it back unless you signed something surrendering the vehicle to them.


It sounds like there was a miscommunication or you didn’t get something in writing, what probably happened is that “by helping you get out of your current lease” meant returning it for you so you wouldn’t have to deal with that, not “make the remaining payments” eg. what you took it as. It’s staggering the amount of people that think there is some fairy god father that will make all of their payments for them to get them into a new lease.

Now that you’ve mentioned it that you want the payments made, the money has to come from somewhere so you will have to pay more per month to get it done.

If you want out of this, just tell them you want your Nissan back and not to make the remaining payments on it, this should clear everything up and keep the same price on the F150.

Lesson is get everything in writing and make sure you are talking about the same thing.


I only want the car back and no changes to the Ford contract but they said they will not give me the Nissan back unless I sign an new contract where they will void the conquest rebate.

I would say, after discussing with other parties, you’re in illegal possession of my vehicle. If you do not return it, I will be contacting the police. Also, you’re under no obligation to amend your current contract. You legitimately qualified for their conquest. This dealer sounds absolutely awful.

Does anyone have the terms of Ford’s Conquest rebate? Who should I call to verify?
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Yes and no,

Ford is one of those wacky rebates brands: If its what I’m thinking, he has to trade it in.

Again, this was a miscommunication. You thought they were gonna make your payments when they were actually just handing it into nissan. The payments owed are still due to nissan or you void the conquest rebate, according to the above.

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I guess it depends if it was trade assist or a true conquest. If it was a true conquest, it’s as simple as an active lease contract. Considering it’s not baked into your contract, I feel as though it was conquest. What does your lease contract call the rebate, OP? If it does at all.

Wouldn’t trade assist apply only if I had a Ford or Lincoln?

To qualify for trade-assist, you have to turn in a competitive leased car (or owned). Essentially a form of conquest, just that you have to turn it in.

“Ford/Lincoln/Mercury or competitive vehicle”

My pre existing lease is a Nissan Maxima and I am leasing an F150, not sure how they justify the criteria.

Nissan Maxima is a competitive vehicle. Competitive vehicle is a placeholder term for literally any car out there.

I could be driving a Daewoo from 2000, and it’d still pass

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It doesn’t name the rebate. Just shows a figure for incentives.

What confuses me is it appears the trade assist is a $750 rebate for the F-150. You keep mentioning $1000 rebate. Incredibly strange there’s nothing in your contract reflecting your Nissan. At the end of the day, go with what @nyclife says! He’s the expert.

In a trade assistance scenario would I not have to sign a paper stating that I commit to turning the Maxima in?

Here’s some interesting language on the trade assist:

Retail Trade-In Assistance Bonus Cash (#30484). Eligible buyers may receive Retail Trade-In Assistance Bonus Cash on select new vehicles. Incentive requires trade-in of 1995 model year or newer vehicle or terminated lease up to 30 days prior to date of sale, or lease termination scheduled up to 90 days after the date of sale. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 01/02/20. Residency restrictions apply. See dealer for qualifications and complete details.

Does your lease end within 90 days of your new lease sign date?

Since you are knowledgeable about leases and broker them. I am in NJ Would you be able to intermediate the conversation? I am willing to pay you a commission.
I am pretty sure they will try to scam me again.
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