Need Help Any Advice?

I am looking at leasing a car today as it is the last day of the month. I am currently looking at the C300 loaners but dealers are refusing to negotiate or do MSDs. I am also looking at an EX-L V6 Accord but dealers are just insisting that I visit their dealership. I am located in the Maryland Virginia area.

Hopefully this car is a loaner?

Yes, and that one is >25% off MSRP. The retail prices at MB of Owings Mills are different than MSRP and that dealership actually publishes the info packet on their website (48,905 MSRP). I inquired about leasing that one, but they have been slow to send financial details. OP might have better luck in person/locally.

Oh ya just saw that. Indeed it was. Op needs to hop on this. What a great deal!!

Thank you for your suggestions!