Need Help A Complete Newbie Here

Hello guys! I want to ask you guys if this is a great deal that I am getting for 2020 BMW 330i . It looks like this:
MSRP 41895
36/10K LEASE
.00123 MF
I am a completely newbie to the scence of leasing and I would like to hear your advices/opinions and how I can negotiate to get a better deal from this. I believe the discount for this vehicle, in this particular deal, is not very aggressive. So may be I should negotiate getting that selling price down more (?). Any advices or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.
*P.S I have been leasing BMW for 6 years now (Well my parents did but now I am in a situation where I have to lease a new BMW for them so I am trying my best), Just graduated college, have a credit score of around 740.

I would start by building the deal with the numbers off the BMW Website, look at the fine print… it will give you all the numbers in the fine print when you click it.

When you see the option for MSRP put input the MSRP of the Car u want, if your trim is not listed on the website, use the highest trim u can find.

Then look for something called capitalized cost reduction, this is the amount BMW is going to pay the dealer, to get u in that lease, think or it as a lease rebate…

Next look at all of the rebates and offers on the website,

Add the cost reduction, all the rebates, and now u can see everything the manufac, is willing to do to get u in that car… now, here comes the tricky part…

Take the number u came up with, from the rebates, minus what it says on the dealer website… what is left over is what the dealer is willing to give u… on a bmw, I am guessing around 3-5k… this is effectively them taking money from their bottom line, to get that car off the lot… this is the money they do not want to spend…

Sorry this isnt well organized, but anyways…

Throw all those rebates in the calc… plus the aquistion fee… legal fees, docs fees, Nd u have your numbers


Work a bigger discount on a better-equipped car.

Where I can find the fineprint you said in BMW website?

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Really appreciate your comment. It means alot to me. I was wondering do I have to find the capitalized cost reduction with my own research or is that in the website? Thank you…!

You may want to go through all the Leasing 101 articles on LH. In fact, they were in another post a couple of days ago. This will help you through all the paperwork and discussions with the dealer. GLWT!

Let me give a quick summary answer: You are really far away from a great deal (listed below). I’d advice you to spend a few hours researching this forum or talk to one of the brokers from the marketplace. There are 2 good ones who play in the socal market.

If you don’t want a broker, then you need 10-12% before incentives, base MF, 7 MSDs, OL code to make this a good deal.


Don’t forget PenFed or USAA…

I was looking in to Penfed the other day as I always see it mentioned here. Do most people just create an account to get the additional discount or are they already members?

Just type in BMW offers, then look for all the rebates and deals section on the page.

Long story short, u need to see what a basic deal looks like, then u can see if the dealership is doing anything to help the situation or not. All dealers get money from the manufac, the more money they keep the more profit they make, your goal should be to leave them with nothing but finance mark ups