Need help 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC deal here in Texas

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 300 RWD
MSRP: $53,355
Sell Price: $48,019
36 Months 15,000 Miles
BMF : .00110
RV : 52%
Texas Tax : 6.25% = $3,056
Acquisition Fee: $795
License Registration Fees: $353

Payment: $772
First payment and Fees due at signing.
EST. $1500

Thank you guys this is as much information that I have. I have been trying to learn what I can from this forum and it did help me because our local dealership wouldn’t give us the BMF and we walked away from 2 dealerships already. Thanks in advance!

Same deal but now they are offering Tax Credit

I think your NUTS to pay 770 for a glc 300. If it was the 43 amg that’s one thing, but the rv is too low on these trucks to make the payment look nice. To me you’re better off w the x3 m40. Prob can get a similar payment if you hustle

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Yes sir thank you for your input it does seem rather high, had thought about asking if they had a tax credit they could use.

Something seems rotten in this deal. Don’t sign it.

Thanks for your feedback. I know it’s not a good deal, but considering that two other dealerships weren’t even willing to give me 10% off or base MF, I got excited when I found a dealership that would.