Need help! 2019 Acura MDX Base Lease Deal

I’ve been working out on a lease deal but the dealer’s number doesn’t match the LH calculator numbers.

Dealer provided details:
MSRP: $45,295
Discounts: $11554.50 (Includes $7525 incentives)

Residual 55%
Money Factor 0.00215
Multiple Security Deposit (MSD) 0
Tax Incentives (Loyalty) $1,000
Acquisition Fee $595
Dealer Fee $510
Govt Fee $745
Sales Tax 8.05%

DAS: $1791.14
Payment: 396.40

Please let me know if I can do anything better.

Link to LH score:

Thank you!

Its more like this:

I would be shooting for 10% off MSRP BEFORE Incentives. Rather I would ask for 15 and take 10% off if you can. Its the last of the 2019 and getting close to the end of the month and “Labor” Day so I’d shoot for the moon and try to get more than 10% off MSRP. But the MF and Residual look about right.

Thank you @VirginiaBeacher! I’ll send my counter offer.

I’m little confused on how to calculate the Gross Capitalized Cost with the help of LH calculator. Is it Selling Price - All incentives + Upfront Fees + Upfront taxes?

Take a look at that

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Thanks again! I did go through it. I do understand that Gross Cap Cost = agreed upon value + Acquisition Fee. However what all goes to agreed upon value? Is it Selling Price - All incentives + Upfront Fees + Upfront taxes?

No that’s the selling price. Read the Leasing 101 articles.

Thank you @chrishs2000! Now I got it.

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I dont think your calculator is correct. How are you getting that number for incentives? Also, the $7525 incentive is dealer cash, so it’s not taxed.

From the OP number in his post?

I don’t see how you got $8252 in taxed incentives. Typo? The $7525 is not taxed as its dealer cash and passed to the customer in the sales price.

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Can you take a screenshot of the dealer’s lease worksheet?

Yeah my fault, there was $1000 in Taxed Incentives so I just added it to that without thinking. My fault.

Thank you @Jon! Dealer didn’t provide a detailed worksheet. Below are the numbers from the worksheet which I have seen:

MSRP $45,295.00
Discount $12,554.50
Selling Price $32,740.50
Accessories $999.00
Lease Months 36
Lease Miles 12k
Rebates $1,000.00
Acquisition Fee $595.00
Total Cap Reduction $1,000.00
Residual $24,912.25
Dealer Fee $510.00
Govt Fee $745.00
Sales Tax 8.05%
Due on Delivery $1,791.14
Monthly Payment $396.40

Dealership agreed over email that they would give me 11% off MSRP with all available incentives. When I went they offered 11% off MSRP but added additional $999 for Acura accessories package. So my net discount was ~ 9% off MSRP. I did try to negotiate on the accessory package but they said it’s the last offer so I decline to sign and came back home with the numbers. I do understand that the final numbers don’t add up so I assume they are marking up the money factor.

Now the dealership interested to know if I have made a deal anywhere else. So I’m preparing myself with the numbers.

They give great discounts but I have no idea why apr still unbelievable high.

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Not really. The “accessories package” is not residualized (you are paying for 100% of it), whereas the selling price is (you are paying for 45% of it).

Good point! So net discount is ~ 8%. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I guess that is Honda’s strategy. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your help! I did sign a deal this weekend. Below is link to the LH calculator:

This is my 1st lease and we love the vehicle. I did come to know that Acura also does security deposit. However in the dealer calculation sheet, I did see that that’s taxed. The finance manager could not explain how it works and he has never done it before. With security deposit they did offer 0.00215 MF but without that they said 0.00225. As the difference is not much and I have plans to pay it off in a few months, I did go ahead with the higher MF.

I did talk to 2 other dealerships in my area and no one gave any better deal and they charge way more for the aftermarket accessories, hence I went ahead with this deal.