Need help: 2016 BMW 340Xdrive lease VA


Need you guys’ opinions on this deal (Virginia).

2016 BMW 340i XDrive w Navigation, heated seat, headsup display, moonroof, leather.
Sales price $47000
Tax $1999
Misc Fees $ 500
Acquisition fee waived

36 month lease 10000 miles/yr for $484 with upfront payment of 1st month lease + 7 month security deposit
the sales tax + fees are rolled into the $484 lease payment.

I was looking into the 2016 328i xdrive with Nav + heated seat + moonroof but no leather. The best lease price I could get was $430 per month with 10000 miles (tax and fees rolled into the lease. This one they charge acquisition fee $925). First month lease payment + 7 month security deposit are upfront payment.


Pretty sure they cant waive the aq fee. What is the msrp?

Don’t know where in VA you are, but I posted an offer from BMW of Sterling for a 340 with lower MSRP for $389 with $0 down.
Looks like the car is no longer there.

The MSRP for the 340 is 55k, and they discounted it to 47K. I don’t know the residual though but I think it’s 66% of the price.

I think I saw that. That’s 389 with 0 down but you need to pay the 7 mth sec deposit + tax + fee upfront(?)

There were too many unknowns with this offer - they did not specify sale price, etc. Yes, tax + fees upfront I believe. But $389/mo would be a starting point only, not the final price. They have other 340s, so maybe worth checking them out. But get MF/residuals first.