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Hi Folks, back in market. I initially thought of Stelvio as I had a 2018 Stelvio before but I dont see a lot of choice as the inventory is very scarce in Dallas area and shipping, brokerage may really make it an average deal specially as wifey is hell bent on a particular color if its Stelvio. So exploring the deals on Q5, X3 and XC60 in order of priority.
Requesting help on a Q5 deal scenario. I see a 2020 Q5 premium at one of the dealer lots that I like and was planning to send the email offer.
I did the research through our forum and see that costco incentive of 1250 is going on currently and brokers are sharing the deals with 9-11% pre-incentive off the msrp at base mf rate and standard RV.
I also verified the mf, RV and incentives through edmunds for my zip code for 2021 models for march.
My questions are-

  1. Will AFS lease 2020 models and if Yes, will mf and RV remain same along with incentives
  2. Considering a 9-11% as a range off msrp on 2021 models, should I push for 18-20%
  3. Does AFS provides state tax credit?
    Thanks much for the help

No, values between two different model years will vary. You’ll need to post in the 2020 thread on Edmunds rather than the 2021 thread to get the proper info. That will also answer if there is current lease support.

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