Need advice: thinking of exiting current Audi Q5 lease for Tesla Y?

Howdy folks, looking for some advice from you learned folks on here. Current situation is I’m in a 2018 Q5 lease with 15 months remaining. Naively went to test drive a Model Y and came away smitten. Asked Audi FS for a payoff quote and got this (pic attached). Tesla is willing to give me $27K and change for the Q5; I cross shopped at Vroom and got $31K. Is this too crazy or doable? I have never gotten out of a lease early so not too sure best way to proceed. Reading about other’s experiences with AFS makes me hesitant. What would you guys do? Best option(s)? Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance you can provide.

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Really? There is tons more in the SUV realm that is a better value or cheaper. I test drove a MY LR and MS Perf. and the MY didn’t shock me other than it just being a solid EV platform, albeit poorly built.

Your vroom payoff is probably going to be way higher than 33.3k. Audi charges more to 3rd party dealers like Vroom. Tesla’s trade offer is expected.

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If you get a solid offer, I know Tesla is good at matching so it’s worth a try. Good luck

MY Performance is tough to beat right now in terms of spreadsheet metrics. With FSD ofc

Care to share some examples? I’m open to trying some others but have been wanting to move to an electric car for some time now.

As for the Vroom payoff being higher, could you elaborate? Also when I called AFS, the lady was clueless. And the Tesla guy wanted me to get a “dealer quote” which the Audi lady could not provide. Had me scratching my head.

Well you’re going to be paying sticker, it’s going to lease like garbage, if you finance that’s the only way I see it being even close to sane. I liked the M3 much better, but if you need an SUV I feel the platform performs much better as a Sedan than a SUV.

Sure. Read this thread.

I’ll grudgingly agree. Not on price with anything else at 850/month effective plus tax. FInance wise you’re going up to 72k with FSD. That’s not cheap. For a normal Long Range (Cheapest model they offer for leasing afaik) you’re paying 650/month effective plus tax. Pass.

Guess I should have specified, if you lease.

Just personal experience, 2 months ago I traded in a leased Audi S4 to a Porsche dealer and it took them a while to correct the payout as I kept showing past due for nearly 6 weeks. After all was said and done I actually got $1200 BACK from the deal as the payoff quoted from Audi to me had tax included, even as the dealer payoff was taken into effect. Something to check on if you pay monthly taxes as they show that in the payoff for some reason.

Thanks, that’s good info. I believe we have monthly tax in the payments as well.

Did you also have Audi care prepaid for? Wondering if they refund unused portion of that as well?

Nope, I thought it was a ripoff. I did pay $500 to extend Audi Connect for 18 months and lost 12 months worth of use. They told me to pound sand when I tried to get reimbursed. I’d check the fine print with Audicare, they may do a portion back if it wasn’t used.

Anything preventing you from waiting out your lease before buying the Y? Tesla is always making incremental improvements and price changes, so by then, it should be better and cheaper as well.

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