Need advice re: Discount on '22 BMW M850I Convertible

Hello all,
So my dealer here in Colorado has a 2022 BMW M850 Convertible arriving in 2 weeks. Big news - there is a significant price drop compared to the '21 models! Aside from standard colors and interior leather, it has the following options:
Driving Assistance
Driving Assistance Pro
Neck Warmer
Bowers & Wilkins
Extended ShadowLine Trim
MSRP = $116,395
Price after discount = $107,083
He is offering me a discount of 8%. Now I see larger discounts offered by brokers on MY '21 in-stock cars, but then again the 2022s are less in price.

My question is - does anyone have any insight into what an appropriate percentage off would be on '22 models?

Rest of the lease structure: MF=.00093, residual = 54%

I can play with MSDs for final monthly payment, but really interested in how much of a discount I can try to negotiate? Is there still flagship money available to dealers on these models? Also, I think there is still about $3,000 in incentives with loyalty, correct?
Thank you in advance - this site is invaluable!

Why get a '22 when you can get a 21 for less, did they make a change I didn’t notice? I can do 16% on a 21, why get a 22 at only 8% or a 21 for twice that.


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Are you saying that in an apples to apples comparison of the same exact MY21 and MY22 car with identical options, that the MY22 MSRP is cheaper? That’s odd. I’d still shop the current model year just because I’m sure the support and discounts will be better.

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Plug the numbers into the Leasing Calculator and compare them to a similarly-equipped 2021 vehicle with broker listings as a reference for discount.

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Hey dukez,
Yes. As configured exactly the same on the BMW site, which is still quoting '21 pricing, the MSRP comes to $128,400.
I can confirm the MSRP for the exact same build for 2022 is $116,395!

Hi vovlo1,
Good suggestion, thank you.
If I plug in the numbers for a model year 21 at 16% discount vs model year 22 at 8% discount with everything else being the exact same, the model 22 payment is $259 HIGHER.

Hey leasecompanion,

Thank you for your response! I’ve been eyeing your deals but here are a couple of variables.
I currently lease a 2018 loaded M550. The lease terminates in August, but the dealer is allowing me out with 5 months of forgiven lease payments.

Also, I would love the '21 deals but interior/exterior color and options are kind of important to me. In any case, I would have already reached out to you except unless I work with my dealer on the car coming in, I’m still beholden to my lease termination in August.

All of that being said, if he doesn’t budge on the discount any further and I ride the remainder of my lease out, I’ll be contacting you to maybe look at what you can offer on a custom order.

Have you actually made sure that the one coming in is a '22? MY 2022 for BMW usually starts production sometime around the July with order guides released in mid May. I’m really skeptical of your dealer telling you its a 22.

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Hi John6866,
Yes - confirmed to be a my '22! I have build sheet with VIN, etc. and it is a 2022.

It is a 2022 model. There is little discount and few incentives if any. This only makes sense.

You could custom-order a vehicle, but that usually means that there is less discount. Maybe look at in-stock units at other dealers that would fit your preferences.

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Yes, that would normally be my route but I currently lease a 2018 loaded M550. The lease terminates in August, but the dealer is allowing me out with 5 months of forgiven lease payments which is the only reason I am considering this deal now…

They’re not forgiving anything, they’re making you pay it in the lease.



This sounds like they are just rolling your payments into the new lease. Not sure if BMW has a pull-ahead program for the 8-series from a 5-series.

Alternatively, they could just be buying out your M550i since BMW gives dealers different pricing for buying an off-lease vehicle. Whichever the case, those 5 payments are not just vanishing.

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No, I don’t think so. I used the calculator for the 2022 on this site starting with MSRP, 8% off, residual at 54%, MF at .00093, etc. and the payment comes out to exactly what they quoted me.

There is no pull ahead offer rn, so the payments are going somewhere. Car might be being straight bought, M550is are popular with that V8 not sure if they would be right side up.


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I know what you’re saying, but the leasehackr calculator gives me the exact same payment as the dealer is quoting me, so there is no way those 5 remaining payments are getting rolled into the new lease somewhere.

Does anyone know if the dealer is still receiving flagship money on the M850s? If I can verify that, it may help me obtain a higher percentage off…

My offer is a custom offer put together by my dealership. I just double-checked everything - leasehackr calculator is giving me the exact same monthly as the dealer quote…so I just can’t see those 5 remaining payments being rolled in somewhere.

Again - I REALLY appreciate everyone’s input and advice here. Do you think it is possible to get 12% off on the '22, if the dealer gets flagship money?

used car prices are insane right now, so dealer probably wants to just buy the m550 out and flip it

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Out of curiousity you mention Colorado but you tagged TX in the post?

Given the dealer knows you are looking for this exact car with these colors / options i’d be hard pressed to think the discount is going to jump another 4%. If the same spec’d vehicle has a 12k drop in MSRP I wouldn’t expect it to also have flagship cash. Sounds like the drop in MSRP is the Flagship cash. BMW is probably waiting to see the first few months of sales on the '22 before deciding how much to incentivize the model. As they do with every model, every month, in regards to adjusting MF, RV, and what / how much to incentivize.

In regards to the 550, just ask them what / how they plan to do it or if the M850 is less if you take the 550 out of the equation by saying your wife wants to keep it or something.

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How much of the “discount” is Flagship on this car? If Flagship is $9k, you are being offered the new vehicle at MSRP.

Your five payments are coming out of the discount.

Might help if you post your calculator link. Are there zero customer incentives on this vehicle?

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