Need advice on these lease terms for 2017 Volt Premiere, Seattle

Here’s the deal offered to me:
MSRP on the Premiere: 40775 (both driver confid packages)
Discount w/dealer: 36775 (4000 discount at dealer)
Tag incentive: 500 (would be 1500 if purchase)
Lease case: 4235 (this covers the tax credit, I likely would get same amount if purchased given my taxes)
Residual: 19979.75
Money factor .00143=3.432%

Cash at signing: 2000
broken down into:

  • cap reduction 1137.97
  • first month 393.53
  • licensing annual fee 300.75
  • initial doc fee: 167.75

So it’s 2000 down, 393 a month, 36 months, 12000 miles. I drove my Sonata 9500 miles per year, 3 yrs.

Was going to turn down the lease protection wear and tear plan at 895.

If this is the deal, am I missing anything? Starting price seems good, deal seems good, if this makes sense, Im gonna pull trigger.

I am pushing to get the MF to .0004, that seems to be the MF for Volt LT, but unclear if it will also carry to the Premiere.

Base MF on premier is .00060. Get that and you may have a solid deal.

Roger, got that. Just called them. Solid deal then? I think I’m NOT gonna put deposit down, only fees, so the fees are ~ 849, monthly is 381.

I get to that same payment within a couple of dollars using .00060 and their proper residual of .49.

Do you have a GM or non GM lease currently? If so, it’s worth an extra $500 off.

Nope, no other lease. My first new car experience! Thanks, you have made it easier for me to pull trigger. Gonna do it.

It meets the 1% rule so hard to complain!

Does Washington offer any tax credits for plug in vehicles?

No sales tax on cars up to 32000, which sucks, but hey, we can’t all be CA! At least no drought!

$500 rebate on installing a 240V charger.

That’s it, sadly.

Well good luck! I’ve heard the new Volts are very nice!

I’d buy you a microbrewed beer if you ever are in Seattle!

Final question - is disposition fee negotiable? What’s a reasonable target? Mine is 395, seems in line with generat sentiment, but strange that i have to pay even if i buy the car after lease.

Some dealers may waive it, but many don’t. It only applies if you turn the car back in after lease is over.