Need Advice on Taco TRD Off-road w MSDs

First time poster, but long time lurker here. I’m in the process of negotiating my first lease on a 19 Taco TRD Off-road Double Cab 4X4 V6 in AZ, and after reviewing other TRD Off-road deals here on LH, I think I should be able to do better, but I’d like some feedback.

State: AZ
'19 Tacoma TRD Off-road Double Cab 4x4 V6
MSRP: $38,087
Sale: $34,900
Discount: $3,187
Miles/Term: 12K/24
MF (0 MSD): .00254
MF (9 MSD): .00182
Residual: $31,612
MSDs: 9? ($3,375)
Gross Cap Cost: $36,626
Net Cap Cost: $36,626
Doc Fee: $399
Acquisition Fee: $650
License Fee: $650
Cap Fees: $677

Due on Delivery: $3,734.93
Base Monthly: $333.11
Monthly Tax: $26.82
Payment: $359.93/month

Thoughts I have on this:

  1. The dealer has this exact vehicle for $34,888 on their website, I see no reason my sale price should be higher than that, and I’m almost inclined to push for $34k flat considering a recent Taco deal posted here.
  2. Paying non-taxable fees up-front should lower my monthly and reduce my total cost over the lifetime of the lease, which I think might get me under the $300/m mark and increase the LHS. Does this sound like an accurate assessment?
  3. The price of the MSDs from the dealer doesn’t match the LHC numbers for 9MSDs from Toyota at this MSRP. Am I calculating wrong, or is the dealership?
  4. Would I be better off buying from one of the LH resident Taco dealers and working out shipping to Southern AZ?

I don’t know AZ so I may be speaking out of turn. I’d want 12% off the taco for a really great deal.

If you’re doing MSDs only put first payment and MSDs down at signing.

Toyota MSDs are rounded up to nearest $25 after tax. 375x9 in your case which is accurate based on what you wrote.

On the east coast that truck would be right around $200 base payment through @Jrouleau426

If you can save $130-140/month over 24 months and the shipping bill is $1000 plus $500 broker fee…it’s truly up to you if that savings is worth it.

MSDs are saving you around $50/month. Assuming the above you’re saving another $72/month.


You can do much better than this. A 10% discount before rebates and without doc fee is definitely doable, i’ve seen 11% and 12% here and there. Look at some CO dealers, competitive there. You should be able to get this to sub $300/month with tax pretty easily. PM if you have more questions

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