Need advice - lease is ending

My mini cooper 2dr hardtop lease is up on May 13th. Pre inspection showed only $350 wear and tear for windshield glass. We are now expecting 2nd kid so family is growing. My options:

  • renew lease this weekend before March ends with 4dr mini cooper S. Bigger engine, 4dr.
  • wait for May to get 2019 models and better deals on 2018 maybe?

Return Mini and:

  • Shop for something else like Q50. Now before March ends.
  • Shop for something else in May when 2019 models come?

This will be mostly my commute car but I probably need a big enough car to fit the whole family sometimes… We already have an QX60 but it doesn’t have much milage so I may not drive it to everywhere…

Thoughts? Bottom line, is it better to close deals tomorrow before March ends, or wait for May?

most 2019 cars don’t hit the lot until aug/sep time so that’s a consideration.
Unless you have your mind set on a particular car that’s having a particularly good deal right now, don’t rush into something for FOMO, there’s always another deal around the corner.

Sounds like you don’t need another large SUV so I would just cross that off the list. A mini doesn’t seem to make much sense for a growing family. Maybe look at a midsize SUV like the Terrain which they’re basically giving away right now.

Locking in your credit and waiting/weighing out your options is always in play. Like he said ^ don’t rush into it.

Thanks @305Hackr. I will test drive Terrain. They have really amazing prices around $150 a month. You are right, there is always another deal around the corner…