Need a lease for suv with 3rd row on Long Island NY

Been leasing with Honda and my 2013 Crv ex l/nav has to be returned after my last payment of $380. The payoff is 19k. I have about 34k within my alotted 12k per yr.

I was told by gmc dealer that I didnt have equity. Need a larger car and am interested in SUV with 3rd row. Been getting the sense that only honda would be interested in giving me equity/credit for my crv. I have learned my lesson from prior lease deals and am not putting any money down and would like my payments to be 380 or less. I was quoted Toyota 4runner at 319 but Im sure they would be adding fees at signing.

I’m in Long Island Ny and would be open to any suggestions or insight as to whether I have any equity in my crv. Thanks!

Very unlikely you have equity but take it to Carmax and have them appraise it.
319 for the 4 runner is a good deal. Post details such as MSRP, sales price, MF etc

Hou can get QX60 in this range