Need A Great Lease Deal For $250/month Including Tax (6%)

We are looking at getting a new lease on possibly a Jetta SEL. We would like to have leather or leatherette seating surface and power seat at least on the drivers side. I’m not only sold on the VW Jetta but looking for a price of what I have posted per month. I only need 10K/year mileage and looking for a 36 month lease. Would like a “0” down but can write a check for $500 if it includes at least the first month’s payment. Any suggestions on a car or post a current lease deal on a VW Jetta SEL. I know VW has the $199/month deal now with sign and drive. Again, I’m shopping a price first and then a car so it doesn’t have to be the Jetta SEL. Thanks in advance.

I just got 2016 Bmw 320i for $262/month including tax for 36 month but with 15k/yr, so 10k/yr should be less. This is with $600 drive off plus $2100 in MSD’s. This deal included loyalty credit as well.

Nice deal on the 320i. I’m seeing a local offer of $269/month (36/10k) for the 320i, but with $2750 as down payment. Can that just be swapped to MSDs? I’d need 15k myself to make this work.

Down payments and MSDs are very different … Down payments lower the selling price of the car “up front” which really means you have to divide that by 36 and add to your “effective” monthly payment. So that $269/mo is really $269+$76 for a total (before taxes) of $345/mo.

MSDs are used to lower the MF (depends on the program and the monthly payment) and could be used to lower your monthly by about $30-60/mo. The bonus is that the entire amount ALL this back when you return the car. Each brand is different and these are programmed into the lease calculator here after you pick the brand of car.

Lots of discussion about this on the forum but basically down payment = BAD, MSD = very good (if the brand allows it). Obviously, the dealer is NOT going to “swap” this without negotiation as they are not the same … The only thing that same about them is that you have to have the cash up front.

Thanks, I should have been more clear. I was thinking in terms of negotiating MSDs in place of a down payment and whether that was something dealers would be willing to discuss.

Dealers will discuss any offer (the worst they can say is “no”), but that’s not the way you want to frame the conversation.

Send them your termsheet showing 0 cap cost reduction and X MSDs…see how they respond.