Need a broker in south Florida

I’m looking for a broker in South Florida to help me get a car for 350-400 tax in with nothing out pocket . Preferably 15k miles.

Cars I will consider
2017 e300 demo
2017 c class coupe
2017 c class sedan demo with sport options
Infiniti Q60 3.0t 2017
2017 Jaguar XE35t prestige or R demos
2018 q50 3.0t sport

Bump. Serious South Florida buyer here. Would also add Lexus RX 350, MB GLC and Fiat 124 Spider. Brokers, pls pm me directly.

Go to swapalease, search for Florida cars and a few banner ads for Florida brokers will show.

Call David @ Emporium Auto Lease, he’s excellent. have used him for last 5 leases 786-553-0415

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