Need a Bolt EV?

We still have order slots available. If you know of anyone that’s in Northern California that would like to order or to take one in stock please send them my info.

(408) 464-6499

Im in Norcal. Looking to buy an EV before end of the year for the tax creds. Considering leaf and e golf. How much more am i looking at to get a bolt?

How much daily driving range do you need?

How about a lease quote?

$2500 drive off
PREM with DCFC (~$43K)
Tier 1 Credit
Competing lease
Costco member
Delivery date?

I would also appreciate a Lease quote for a Bolt LT. Located 95050.

$4000 drive off
LT with DCFC Charger (color unimportant)
Tier 1 Credit
Executive Costco member

What build dates are available for your current order slots?

Sorry. I don’t think you are getting the point here. When dealer says, I may have some slots left, it means give me your deposit and accept whatever price I tell you. There is no quote, no negotiation, no going back and forth etc. There is sticker price, significant cap reduction from customer, all the dealer markups and poof the number comes out. Forget costco membership etc etc. On top of that be prepared to wait a few months and settle on a color you do not like :slight_smile:


Why would you pay sticker and markups on a bolt when you can get a GLE, RX350 and 4 series for 15% off MSRP??? I am not saying a bolt is not a great car but do you need it right now hot off the presses? does it make you a better environmentalist when you drive it 6 months earlier than your frugal friends? Sure George Clooney and Leo de Caprio will be driving bolts for the next few days but that’s them. The car industry should adopt open and consistent pricing and not prey on customers.


vhooloo providing sanity in this thread here. Bolt has been delayed over and over, who knows when it’s going to get here and even when it does, who knows when the price will actually reach steady state/reasonable values. Forget it (for now). Just put down for a model 3 and lease a nice hybrid/EV until it gets here.

LA dealer is doing $1K off loaded Bolt (Rydell). More deals coming for sure. Waiting for Keyes to show their offers.

California dealer also offering Costco pricing.

Other Bolt Forum “Offered me Bolt premier with driver confidence package II and DCFC…MSRP $43,510. Costco price, $42,793.85.”

An amazing 2% off MSRP and given that the residual is 25%, the lease would be mucho dinero.

better deals will come next year - just like the Volt, it’s too $$ at launch.

yea, when the Tesla Model 3 comes out, there’s no way people will be buying the Bolt at these prices. Then again, the Model 3 will be sold out for the next 4 years, so maybe they will.

It’ll be at least 18 months before any ‘normal’ reservation holder takes delivery of a Model 3.

BTW- I’d take the Bolt over the Model 3 - more utility with a hatch (and not a tiny truck opening) for me.

Eh yea, I put my deposit down before they even officially announced the car, plus I live in CA which will be the first state to receive them. I can’t be sure, but I anticipate I’ll be among the first 50k to get shipped a Model 3. I’m definitely not planning on getting a model 3 for the utility. Just hoping it’s really nice and fun to drive.

The Bolt looks like the Prius prime (probably worse). Doesn’t compare to the model 3. Model 3 has the FU factor. Bolt has the ‘loser’ factor. Yeah model 3 is a while away but it’s enough time to get a short lease in while you’re waiting. The lease deals on the bolt are atrocious (25% residual?!).

yea, to each their own. I personally don’t like the look of the Bolt at all! Compared to the Model 3, it’s not even going to compare in terms of looks and performance. Might have slightly more utility, I’ll give him that.

I’m a multi-car guy - right car/tool for the job. Model 3 isn’t the right car for me to change that. My two Volts have served me well over the past 5+ years and the cheap leases allowed me to also have sexy, fun cars relegating the Volts to airport runs, commuting, errands, etc.

Bolt makes a great commuter and errand car. Don’t care if it gets dinged or what ever and will replace the Volt.

Not sure I like the Model 3 interior and the Model S is sorely lacking in that department as well. For me I want a commuter car and will spend other funds to get the sexy, fun car. Too many compromises, still, for an all electric one-car house.

Also not sure how in the world Tesla is going to be able to produce 5-10x more cars annually than they currently are making. The logistics are not in their favor.

How much more fun does it get?! Model 3 = 0-60 in less than 5 seconds, Instant torque, super sporty stylish exterior and more technology than pretty much any car on the market. I absolutely have no illusions that Tesla will be able to produce more than a few hundred thousand in the first few years, but like I said, I’ll be among the first anyway. :smile:

I’m curious what your “fun car” is. For me, this would be my commuter car (need about 70 miles per day so this gives me more than enough). Also, I wanted something fun to drive and sporty. The wife will have an SUV (hoping to get in on the Equinox deal if someone can respond to my posts), so we’ll have more than enough utility. Also, I have my old Camry just in case.

As much as I try to convince myself to get a Model S (or X) they just are not for me. I have driven friends cars many times but I’m not a fan of the cheap interior, and the $2500 for the upgraded seats should be standard. The big screen is nice but no CarPlay and lacking many basic features - besides it’s getting old. I was hoping the Model X would win me over but those stupid FW doors and no fold down second row seats (except in the 5 passenger model) make it a limited minivan with no roof box capability IMO.

As for fun cars, let’s see - over the past not too many years…

  • 2013 911 Porsche cab
  • 2001 911 Turbo
  • SL55 AMG Mercedes
  • BMW M5
  • (2) Audi A6 4.2’s

and the normal stuff…

  • (2) Volts
  • (2) MDX’s
  • Honda Ridgeline ( stil have this one)

Currently leasing an X5 40e plugin (got an amazing lease and 1700 miles to my last tank of gas) and my Volt lease ending in three months but my teenager is now driving it.

Just not a Model 3/S/X fan - I like what Tesla is doing but not the car(s) for me at this point.

LoL. That’s a lot of cars! :smile: Pretty cool choices. I’m still excited about my Model 3 though :slight_smile: