Need 2 vehicles…lease both or buy one?

So my current lease (Ford Escape) ends in May. I need to get another SUV which will be primarily for driving around town with the kids. Don’t anticipate putting a lot of miles on it.

I also need a car bc we are currently a 1 vehicle family, but that isn’t going to work much longer. I will be using the car to go to/from work. I will be close to 12,000, but won’t go over.

I was thinking of maybe leasing a car in May, and then saving up money during the summer to buy an SUV (starting a new job next month with a huge pay increase). Not sure if this is the best idea.

Maybe it would be better to lease both? Or buy a car instead and lease the SUV?

Any advice would be appreciated! I don’t really want to lease from Ford again. I love in Ohio. Thanks!

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