Nearly every 2018+ BMW recalled due to backup camera

NHTSA 19V684


Sounds nearly identical to nissan/Infinit’s recent recall announcement.

Dieter and Lars asleep at the wheel again.


I assume you’re using “Dieter” as a general German name and not in references to the former Mercedes head? :slight_smile:

I’m a bit surprised this is a safety recall, since it seems that the problem only occurs if the settings have been adjusted to turn the camera off. I mean, does the NHTSA recall cars b/c people refuse to buckle up? If the solution to get rid of that setting?

We actually have been having problems with the back up camera on our 530e

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Well have I got a NHTSA-manded USB thumb drive for you (and your 530e)…

The fix must be relatively involved.

I had a 7:30 service appointment this morning and planned to wait for my car.

When the service advisor noticed the open recall, he offered to address it on the same visit but advised that “it takes quite a bit of time.”

… so I left the car there and accepted their offer for a ride home.

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Thank goodness the i3 wasn’t on that list. Just picked mine up last week! lol.

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BMW should require buyers to have houses with circular driveways. Then they won’t ever have to back up.

Reprogramming failed twice, and they’re in the middle of the third attempt.

I’m on my way to pick up a loaner for the weekend…

You would think something like this would be pretty foolproof. At least they are providing you with a fart car.

It’s prolly your trunk basket thingy . . .



@trism @JamesBond What’s been the issue with it? We haven’t had any issues yet

You put the car in reverse and the camera doesn’t show up. My wife took it to the dealership and they didn’t a software update but then it happened again.

How fun more free loaners for me! It beats your camera freaking out and showing everything inverted. The random ways these faults manifest themselves never ceases to amaze me!

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No symptoms for me so far at ~2,100 miles.

I’d read this thread before I went in for service this morning, so I was expecting them to recommend addressing it. I just didn’t think resolving the matter would spill into the next business day (let’s hope it stops there).

My service advisor said that having this much difficulty wasn’t common, but they have encountered it before.

I got my car back this morning.

Unfortunately the re-programming wiped out every setting that was saved for both drivers.

In retrospect I wish I’d just waited to have the recall addressed if/when the backup camera failed.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. At least you gave back your fart loaner and got your own car back.

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Nearly every single BMW since 2018? Come on, I have a 2018 and a 2019 and neither are on the list. The BMW lineup is massive, this list is like a quarter of them.

Jalopnik is nothing if not hyperbolic.