“Near Luxury” 7-seater SUV for approx. $400 in NYC area

Friends - what an incredible source of information LH is. I’ve been a long time lurker, and this is my first post - looking to lease (10k/36) a 7-seater SUV for around $400/month in the NYC area. Wife wants a “luxury” or “near luxury” vehicle. Are my options pretty much limited to QX60 or MDX? I saw the announcement for new RX350L at the LA Auto Show…but the car looked pretty tight on the back.

Will appreciate your collective wisdom, and also suggestions for good dealers or brokers around the NYC area for our future 7-seater SUV.


Do you have money in a morgan stanley account?

Nope - WFC and HSBC account only. Any reason for your inquiry regarding MS?

They have a 5k rebate on the Lexus GX.

Thanks @nyclife - never looked at GX closely. What are our options if we bump to $500/month range?

I started looking with the same budget- then changed to $500 and now I’m even thinking I need to go up to $550/$600. MDX and GX460 could be in the 4-500 range but 3rd row was very small.

Durango is a pretty good 7 seater in my opinion.

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Large SUVs, typically, don’t lease well. You are looking for a large cross-over. To get a large SUV you are in the Mid 6s on a Infiniti QX80.


Looking for the same specs. We priced out a VW Atlas in this scenario too.

@Neurocyclist - what did you decide eventually?

A bump to $500/mo could get you the XC90, and maybe a base MDX.

I think we’ll get with the Atlas, not necessarily because of a great deal financially but rather how well it fits our needs.

Still negotiating, but got our dealer down 10% off MSRP. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many other deals to be stacked, and their lease numbers aren’t great (0.0019 MF)

I like the XC90 and how well it leases, but that back row is too tight.

I don’t know if you consider the Acadia Denali “near luxury” enough, but I know for a fact that with the right programs 400 should be doable. There’s been some good deals advertised here by some brokers on them.

Definately looked at the Acadia Denali, but it ultimately came down to safety options and the interior space.

I could be wrong, but to have a 3rd row that can fit real people, we either need a minivan or a Yukon. The Acadia just didn’t have the space we wanted.

From what we saw, the VW looks to have the best mix for our needs with the SEL trim level.

The Yukon 3rd row definitely doesn’t fit real people. we’ve tried it and it’s one of the most uncomfortable 3rd rows we have tested. It makes the Q7 and XC90 3rd row feel spacious in comparison.

From what we tested, the Atlas and the Traverse are the most accommodating 3rd rows and you still have a decent trunk with all seats up.