NE HACKR MEETUP: Spring 2021 in NJ

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Hey everyone! I am not a Trusted Hacker but was hoping one or more of the trusted hackers in the Tri-State, Northeast could assist me in organizing this, if there is interest - I would feel better having a Truted Hackr onboard to ensure that at the meet up I dont try to swap out my new lease!

As the PNW meet up appers to have been a “Borat” GREAT SUCCESS!!! I thought us in the Northeast New Jersey area could try and do the same… Would be cool to get together for lunch and have a meetup in NJ (or surrounding NY, CT, PA areas). Everyone is welcome to attend!

Here’s some details we need to iron out:

  • What times/dates work for people? Would an upcoming weekend (July 13, 20, 27 etc) be good? Lunch and dinner are both good by me.

***Please submit your vote on a day that may work for you or suggest another day, I started with 3 days in the middle of July.

  • Where should we meet? Ideally, a place with outside seating or a good parking lot to show off our Hackr treasures might be an option?

A Hackr has suggested a location in Lincoln park, NJ: The Sunset Pub and Grill - it has a great outdoor eating area adjacent to the Lincoln Park airport where you can watch small planes take off and land plus the food is “better quality than bar food.”

(This is only a suggestion at this point)

  • We need to get a head count of who would like to attend and make sure we go somewhere which can accommodate everyone interested.

So, if one of the Tri-State NE Trusted Hackrs is interested, please let me know.

If you are interested in a meet up, please reply and we can figure out dates/place by the headcount we get.

Thank you Hackrs!!!

What Region are you closest to?


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  • Friday, July 19th
  • Saturday, July 20th
  • Sunday, July 21st
  • Other Day (please note in comments)

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@ursus said he’s dying to fire up his new gas grill at his cave. I say have it there.


Great idea! Weekends are tough though. I’d suggest a steak run during the work week, but I’m just one vote.

You should take a look at the polls that @Jananth1 setup for the PNW meet. Would probably help with planning!

Great idea and glad to see it. It looks like I’ll be traveling on the east coast for work at some point during July, so if I can swing joining, I will.

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Jeremy @jananth1 or a hackr mod or trusted hacker help with setting up a poll on this thread to help with planning? The first vote would be day/time, I would be open to a weekday night as I work most days although Fridays I work from home. So maybe a poll vote of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or other day first?

@Ursus What part of the NE are you? Would you volunteer your batcave, lol. Although I think a public place like a brewery/restaraunt as the PNW meet up probably the best option. I’m a huge craft beer guy and know some great tri state places.

Thank you!!!

I’m in DC area, NoVa. Don’t think @max_g would make it to my cave, anyway :grin:


I’d be down to attend if near NJ

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NJ probably has better options for bigger restaurants, more parking. If it’s a weekday, I’d prefer Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, since I’m only in NJ those days. I could schlep here on the weekend, but it’s not preferred. I’m busy on the 13th – I already know that!

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Is the voting option working, please let me know,!!!

Working. I’m in for a meet up.

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Awesome @Azure @Dewey_Lima. If you have any suggestions for location, let em rip!!

I’m down in central Jersey but flexible to go anywhere.

Unfortunately I doubt I can come, but I’d recommend somewhere by Princeton or Lawrenceville (in @ElectricEliminator’s neck of the woods). Super easy to get to from the Philly area, anywhere in NJ, and Westchester/LI.

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I’d be down for anything in the NY/NJ/PA area depending on the date.

What about the gambling Mecca of the east…Atlantic City!

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The cost of entry for AC isn’t worth it. I’d say allocate that cost to a good unicorn steak and go with Ruth’s Chris in Parsippany. :unicorn:

I love Atlantic City (currently working at a casino for an internship), but there aren’t any places that are truly safe enough to be outside to show off luxury cars there aside from the Borgata surface parking lot

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How about a Stewart’s Drive in Lebanon, Dover, or by the NJ Shore, burgers, hotdogs, root beer but no alchohol but usually good parking lots for showing off cars…

I’ve flown into Lincoln Park airport a few times. If this happens there I could be convinced to fly there and bring 1 or 2 Long Islanders with me. lol Although that would be sort of backwards since we’re all here for cars. :-/


Perfect. You don’t have to travel far to hit their buffet then. Best in ac!

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