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Hello all!

I am new to the forum representing National Auto LA - Leasing and Sales.

Just wanted to give a quick introduction about our services. First of all, we do not charge any sort of broker fee! We do not require a deposit as well. We profit from the dealer, so there is no hidden fees!

My team and I work with ALL makes and models and will suggest good prices for the makes as well! It is our mission to get the best deal for our customers and try to beat any quote you give us. To be completely transparent, sometimes you will have better deals from other dealerships/brokers, but you have our complete guarantee that we would do our absolute best to try and beat that quote.

I’ve heard many times from other friends and customers that they have a tough time stepping into a dealership, getting the whole salesman pitch and staying the the dealership for hours. With our team, we try to eliminate that annoying hassle of a dealership. Our process is: Give us a call or email, tell us the car you are looking for OR give us a downpayment and monthly payment you would like to be at, and we find the car for you. Once we give you a quote and you like the price, we will process a credit application, get approval and we can schedule delivery to our office or anywhere you want with a reasonable radius. Our goal is to make it easy and seamless to buy or lease a car!

Our primary area we service is the greater Los Angeles area with our office location in Glendale, CA.

You can visit us at:
@nationalautoLA (we post cars and deals often)
Email me directly @

Also, you can visit our YELP page. We are VERY thankful and humbled that our customers trust us enough to get their cars and give us a full 5 star rating!

Welcome to the forum and good luck. Treat them right and they will treat you right.

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