Narrow down inked deals by state

I was thinking it would be helpful if we could narrow down posted deals by state, since deals vary depending on where you’re leasing your car.

Too hard to do unless it was just a simple post to where there was only 1 post in that thread. There’s thread where people will post the deals they got, and won’t include all info so it’ll be pointless then.

Take a look at my recommendation. It’s a more general way to do it, and more effecient then just every inked deal.

If the deals section was setup to where individuals had to enter their info into form fields such as:

Selling Price:

This way, all information that should be posted will be posted, and members/visitors would be able to sort through the info easily.

Similar concept of the calculator that’s on the website but once you input the info it would populate it to a table that could be filtered/sorted.

The problem is many people won’t follow this format because they refuse to read any guidelines prior to posting and refuse to search before asking a question that has been asked before.

They could be required fields, so they can’t be omitted. Would ensure people submit the proper information when asking or submitting info.