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Hey guys if I helped you get a car feel free to leave a review

Just closed a deal with @N5651and wanted to leave a review of my experience.

When I joined the forum a month ago I was checking consistently for deals reaching out to brokers to no avail for a new BMW lease. When reaching out either the deals that I was interested expired or the brokers never reached back. I read about @N5651 unicorn deal and reached out in desperation as I needed to get into a new lease. From the moment I reached out to @N5651, it was a smooth process. He understood what I needed and was always available to answer any of my messages. I contacted him on Sunday and was in my new lease by Wednesday. He made sure with the dealership that I would not be put in the “box” when I went to go pick up my lease which was a huge relief and I was able to avoid all hiccups. To anybody looking for a lease, I would strongly advise you to work with @N5651 for an easy-going lease process. Many times I would get worried the dealer would not follow through but @N5651 always assured me that it would be fine and what I was feeling was normal. @N5651 actually cared and was excited about me getting the deal. @N5651 is a gem of a broker and I am thankful that all other lease deals fell through for me as now I have a go-to leasehackr for all my future deals. (Loaner 530i 2019)

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Thanks man! Hope your loving the car, let me know if you have any questions

Enjoy the amazing car!!


This was the first time I’ve ever gone the broker route and I’d like to share my experience.

I’ve only been on the forum now for about two weeks. Wanted to move out of my current car and into something bigger as I have a 7 month old son. If you have kids, you’ll understand. After reading what I could and test driving several cars. I began reaching out to a few individuals here to see if they could help. I ended up employing @N5651 services. He took his time to answer all of my questions, which there were a bunch. Reassured me that everything was on the up and up, because let’s be honest, I didn’t know him. Made the drive up to the dealer (2.5 hours mind you). All the while, nervous that a bait and switch would occur or that the car would be in horrid shape (being the owner of a small detailing business means that I’m super particular.) Aside from an issue on the rear bumper for which finance credited me 250$ we owe, everything went off without a hitch. The paperwork was all in order and the deal was exactly how it was discussed. The icing on top was the joy of driving 2.5 hours home in my new BMW! If your in the northeast and looking for a BMW, I strongly recommend @N5651!

2019 BMW 530i Loaner with only 1700 miles on the odo! Can’t wait for my next deal!

Thanks man low mileage loaners are always the best !

Hope your loving the car, Glad to be able to help

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