Mythical QX60 - Bay Area

How is this deal on a 2019 QX60 Luxe for 39/12k? Located in Bay Area. Drive off of $700. Dealer said that >2 MSDs would get to below the min MF of .00001.

MSRP: $52,415
Sale Price: $46,755
Govt Fee: $615.66
Doc Fee: $85
Acq Fee: $700
Gross Cap Cost: $48,155.66
Cap Cost Reduction: $140.55
Adjusted Cap Cost: $48,015.11
Residual: $28,828

This is SoCal, but take a look at this for reference…maybe get a broker if you’re not successful in Bay Area or fly down to get a deal.

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That discount is weak. Try Peninsula Infiniti. They are over $10K discount on any QX60 right now.

Also your calc is way off. Need to fill out MSD, RV and MF properly

Check out Elk Grove Infiniti, that discount is very low.

Whom do you suggest as broker in the bay area?

Try Beshoff infiniti. They have really very decent deal but not the deals like we saw in Dec and Jan timeframe. Those kind of deals are gone for good in west coast.