MY2017/18 how much off msrp for BMW x5?

For a new BMW x5 35d 2018 how much would one reasonably expect to negotiate off MSRP?
And for a 2017 new?
And for a 2017 with 2500 miles?

A broker told me a wouldn’t be able to get a deal better than the one I had gotten an offer for already (2017 X5 MSRP 67k, offer with incentives 60k) I found a 2017 X5 35d (on lot since late Sept) across the country with 2500 miles (likely about 1500 to transport) for $57k and they are willing to negotiate further, but I just don’t know what is reasonable to ask.

Is the savings for the one without miles any better than a 2018? It doesn’t seem so.


You should be able to get 7-10% off before incentives. If you would like it, I can intro you to my CA (DC metro) who would give you an offer like that.