MY19 540i M Sport (Check my lease)


This seems like a bad deal. Numbers seem high. Emailed them back and asked for residual, MF, cap cost on a 12k/36month lease. Not paying upwards of 80k on a 67k invoice car.

Looks like a purchase sheet. Make sure they know you want to lease.

That’s not for a lease. :man_facepalming:


Im having flashbacks to the tread of the guy who bought instead of leased and thought it was a lease


for real :man_facepalming:

They’re probably going to give you a surprised response when they thought you were trying to purchase.

Okay here’s an update and they do know I want to lease

Sorry - can’t recommend this deal. Get a 2018 M3 CS for the same price instead.

Vhooloo what stands out to you making it a “bad” deal?

Is that a new car? Roughly 7% off MSRP for a loaded 540i isn’t the worst deal but have you talked to any brokers? Seems to be a lot of BMW brokers for So-Cal and it doesn’t hurt to check if they can beat this offer.


Yes. Going the build route. MSRP is 71,070 Invoice of $67,068 so roughly offering 5% $63,750 below invoice before any taxes, fees, etc.

That must be BMW of SD- I’ve never been able to get anywhere near a reasonable quote from them. I have to go to LA or Orange County for a deal.

It’s in the area. I should of put the build for perspective.

MY19 540i M Sport

Bluestone Metallic
Dakota leather
Fineline trim
20” 759 wheels
Premier package
Driver assist package
Executive package
Multicontour sears
Ceramic controls
Black grilles
HK surround system
M brakes

Pretty close to fully loaded hence why I thought 5% below invoice was pretty decent before any incentives. Others think there’s more to be had?

Is this for traditional delivery or Euro?

I think for a new MY 2019 you are at a good SP. But the discounts are better on a 2018 M3 CS.

And as a performance car, M3 >> 540i.

If you need a larger limo for back seat passengers, then of course 5 series is roomier.

Traditional. Picking up in SoCal if move forward with the deal