MY17 GMC Acadia Denali FWD lease $448.18/Mo $0 Due @ Start

Just leased a MY17 GMC Acadia Denali FWD with sunroof and tech package for $448.18/mo including 6% FL sales tax. $0 due at start. Sign and Drive 36 months and 15K miles/year. Deal included $1500 in GM Card cash, $1000 competitive lease bonus and Costco pricing along with $300 Costco cash card. MSRP was $48,985 and cap cost (after rebates) was 44,190.32. RV is 63% and MF is .0007.

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Sounds like a great deal. I’m looking to get one for my wife within the next 6 month. I hope RV stays the same .

GM financial has been putting very high residuals on the Denali trim, so it makes it more affordable than its sticker price might suggest.

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@Shappy would you care to share the dealership and how the Costco benefits are handled? Thanks in advance.

The dealership was Sheehan GMC. They were the only store in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties to take me up on my offer.

As for the Costco benefits, they just took my membership number and did everything else for me, including signing up for the Costco Auto program. At some point in the next few weeks, I will get a call to take a survey about the experience and then they send out the Costco cash card after that.

However, I do believe the Costco promotion is over now.

Thanks for your response. You appear to be right in my neck of the woods as I live in Coral Springs. Do you mind sharing who you dealt with there? I may pursue something like this. Thanks a bunch!

I worked with Mark Yocum. While he was excellent to work with, he is just a floor salesperson, meaning that you have to go through the sales manager or internet manager to get any final numbers.

@Shappy I understand this is a older post but do you mind sharing more details as in if you traded anything in, any money out of pocket, what the numbers really were.
As I entered all your info from first post I came up with $451.74, not including any up front taxes, fees, 1st month etc…