MY16 Chevy Volt Lease MF & RV?

Could I please have the 36/10 numbers for the MY16 Volt for both trims (if they are different)? In addition, is there any lease cash? Zip code 33473.



LT: 54%
Premier: 51%
.00040 MF
$5,800 GM Financial cash

Targeted incentives: $1,000 Conquest Cash (own or lease non-GM), $500 GM Lease Loyalty

Thank you for the information!

Does this include the Fed and State (CA) rebates? If not, how are those factored in the calculator? Untaxed incentives? Thanks.

GM Financial gets the federal tax credit, and they pass it to you via the $5,800 lease cash.

The CA rebate is a check you receive in the mail later. If you wish, you can front that amount ($1,500) as a capitalized cost reduction (aka “down payment”) for lower payments.

Hi Michael

I am new to this forum and have been trying to use all the tremendously helpful resources on this site to figure a good deal on a new Chevy Volt. I am looking at a 2016 Chevy Volt Premier with an MSRP of $41,030. The sales price is $37,606 (8% off MSRP), and the dealer says he has applied rebates of $7,100. He has offered me $299/month (incl tax) and $2,463 down for total payments of $12,928. The lease is for 36 months/10K year. I plugged this information into the lease calculator with a 51% residual, which translates to $313/month and $2,087 drive off, total payments of $13,020. So it would seem to me that I have a good deal here, but I want to confirm that I am using the tools properly! Your input would be much appreciated!


There may be differences in license/registration and document fees.

All in all, it looks pretty close! Seems like an excellent deal on a loaded Volt Premier.

Thanks for your reply. I got the Volt Premier at $2,463 down and $265.61/month. Your forums and site were a huge help in getting this deal.

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I am new to this blog, and I am currently looking at a 2016 volt LT MSRP of $34215. I contact several dealers in OC, and the best price i got was $31215. The lease is for 36/10k. I want to put down $1500, and my credit score is 670, is 670 credit score consider tier 2? According to lease calculator, I am getting $209 including tax. Is this correct? thanks
Also, should i wait for 2017 volt? i heard it;s coming out second week of march, will 2017 have better incentive?

Not sure which credit tier 670 would be considered.

Currently the incentives on 2017s are worse than the 2016s.

ok thanks for your help.
i guess i should just go with 2016. current incentive for 16 is $5800+$1000?
because one of the dealer told me that $1000 only applies to when finance?

can anybody confirm the $$5800+$1000 incentive for 2016 volt?
they said there is only one which is$5800

GM Financial lease cash on 2016 Volt dropped from $5,800 to $5,137 for March.

The additional $1,000 would have to be from a private offer. Alternatively, there’s $500 competitive lease cash or $500 farm bureau member cash.

The dealer said $5800 ends on 3/3, i guess competitive lease cash is the only one i can get.
So far the best price i got for msrp of $33995 is $30985. I am planing to lease the car tomorrow before it drop to $5137.

Hi Michael
I finally got the car today, and here is the number.
Msrp on the car was $33995, got it for $30935 (9% off from the msrp) , incentives $5137+ $500 competitive lease +$750 (dealer incentive due to some problem)+ first month payment waived. 12k/36month $1000 down, monthly payment $281. Tier 2 credit. is this ok deal for tier 2 credit? I called about 10 dealers near LA/OC/Riverside, and best price they offer was little below 8% off from the msrp. I am happy I got 9% off the msrp, and plus another $750 incentive from the dealer.
Your website is awesome!, Thanks

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Anyone have the lease cash/MF numbers for '16 Volts this month? I visited 1 website, and it stated there was $7,300 in lease incentives, but not sure if they were stacking on other rebates (conquest, bonus tag, etc…). Thanks! This would be for a 36 month/12k mile lease in MA.

2016 Volt LT 36/12k
MF: 0.00040
Residual: 48%

Targeted: $500 Farm Bureau; $500 GM Lease Loyalty; $500 Competitive Lessee Conquest; $500 Conquest Cash

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Ok, thanks! I went to, and they listed $7,470 lease cash available on '16s…quite a bump!

Is the $1k conquest cash Chevy is currently offering available on a '16 Volt as well?

So I was told by a dealer than a 24 month lease is now an option on '16 Volts? Is that true? If so, do you know the residual for a 12k mile, 24 month lease? Thanks!