My next vehicle and first attempt at Hacking...Giulia, S3. Advice welcome

Hey Hackr’s

Been lurking this forum for awhile and I am trying to back my first offer into the calculator to see where I can improve. The cap cost already has the incentives applied which means I am only getting 7% off which is no discount over supplier pricing.

Biggest thing I am struggling with is the APR listed if that is actually APR and not the MF those are excellent but I cannot get the numbers in the calculator to match the payments. Plus there doesn’t seem to be any information on Sept MF from Ally.

I understand the leases on Giulia’s are terrible right now, but I expect dealers to start discounting these to move them anytime now…

I plan on getting several other quotes from dealers that have the exact Giulia we want(Giulia Ti RWD is top pick), along with a few quotes on the Jag XE 35t R-Sport and Volvo S90 Inscription.

More dealers and quotes to come, just wanted to have 1 thread for all my upcoming quotes.

Thanks for your time.

It’s almost pointless to get a blind quote. You should instead be making offers using the information you have gleaned about those cars.
It seems you haven’t decided on what you want yet. You’re looking at 2 small sports sedans and one large luxury cruiser. I am in the same boat! But I have a few more months before I decide.

Ya I had gotten the blind quote from the dealer we test drove at. Basically since I didn’t have the MF for Edmunds/here I wanted to get the “base” numbers for offers at other dealers. This one is in the “wrong color” (according to the wife) and missing the adaptive cruise but the guy has been wanting to sell it bad so I figured I would see what his initial offer was and get the MF for basis on other quotes.

I plan on making directed offers over email for the other Giulia’s and XE/S90 but wanted to get some info on their deal sheet they sent me.

As far as small sports sedans vs S90 goal is to go from 4 cars and 2 payments to 3 cars and 1 payment. Goal of that one payment to be around 400 for the next couple years.

What I want is a 52k Giulia under 1% ideally around $450/mo. I like the XE but didn’t find the interior or tech nearly as good as anyone else plus the nearest dealer is 2 hrs away. From what I have seen on here you can get the S90 and XE much under 1% with the current incentives/discounts. We also looked at a demo E300 but it just doesn’t have enough pep for us and I am having a hard time finding a C43 anywhere in “sane” lease pricing.

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Swing for the fences with your first hack; I like it. :sunglasses:

I’m looking at the same cars, can you post the best deal you’ve found on XE 3.5t R?

I’ve been having a hart time understanding which incentives apply (see below for my zip code).

In your experience, does this mean I can get the lease cash ($4.05K) + the bonus credit ($1K)? I’m assuming “retailer cash” means purchase, not lease. So you can’t get both lease cash and retailer cash.

I would be interested to hear if you find out. I have not started making negotiations on the Jag’s yet. I just got my car sold so I can start shopping in earnest now.

Retailer Cash usually means money that the Dealership gets from the manufacturer to sell that car. In other words, it either goes in the dealers pocket or they use it to lower the price. They are not obligated to pass it on. It looks like the 5500 is not for leases or is only good if leasing without the subvented rate.

Well today I got serious, so advice from some of the veterans would be helpful.

Been researching for over 2 months now on my next vehicle and really leaning towards the Giulia and Audi S3.

Found a Giulia that was a 2k mile demo and sent them a offer 18% under msrp before incentives. They came back with Invoice - Incentives and no discount for demo usage.

Contacted 3 Audi dealers here in the midwest and so far 1 has told me invoice - incentives. Second asked me where I was getting 18% discount from MSRP and came back with 10% off MSRP.

I have been following what people are reporting getting S3’s for on Edmunds lease questions page and several are reporting 20% off msrp and sub 500/mo leases.

Guess it is going to take some time to wear them down. How long do these hackable deals take to make?


What did you end up with and what were the numbers? A Giulia or an S3 are on my short list as well. I plan to get something in December.

S3 at $500? Isn’t that pretty tough?

Best price on either the Giulia and S3 were in in the 580’s for both. Loaded P+ on the S3 and about 51-53k on the Giulia Ti RWD.

Wound up getting a Jaguar XE 35t R-Sport MSRP 62k - leased for $461 with zero down. Posted in deals thread.

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Sorry to bump an old thread…how are the giulia’s Leasing now?

Surely there are more recent threads?