My lease is up in May and i'm looking at options for something with a third row and 2nd row captains chairs


CX9 console is only on the Signature line. The Grand Touring has captains chairs with nothing between.

I’d agree with @myles21 it’s always nice when you can get something new and stay in the same payment but you’re really lucking out if that happens especially since you got such a good deal last time at 399 with nothing down. The cost of vehicles goes up every year, the market and rates change as well plus the highlander just went through a redesign for 2020 model year.

you can certainly find the new one with captains chairs and stay in same ball park right now with the right dealership though. Couple suggestions would be
1)check for loyalty with toyota sometimes they give you $500 towards staying with them
2)check out toyota’s refundable multiple security deposit program if you in a position to put some money aside to lower your payment
3) utilize 10k lease… will save you a few bucks and as you said you didn’t come close to 36k you paid for
4) wait it out another month or two programs change month to month and could help a little too since you’re not in danger of mileage penalty and have a great payment right now

Shopping for similar reqs and have basically settled on the Atlas but will likely buy a leftover 2019 because they have a bit more bonus cash and you can get them for 22-25% discount right now w/incentives.

By far the roomiest of the 3 row mid sized that I drove and you may not even need the captains chairs as the bench seat has a feature where it tills way forward to access the third row and does so while Carseats are still in place.

Love the CX9 but it is CRAMPED.

This thread has me feeling so gaslighted :fire::exploding_head::fire:




I’m sure there are more…

Wondering if you tried the XC90 and what you thought? How would you compare that to the atlas?

Didn’t try it but just from pictures you can tell it isn’t going to be as big. The Atlas interior feels like you are in a Suburban or Expedition, it is huge.

try Subaru Ascent and it comes with great lease price. Check RODO leasing app for prices that are offered for these cars right now.

Good looking out. I just did a couple truecar quotes real quick in Seattle for Ascent. Got a few offers immediately at 10-11% off MSRP for a Premium which would put you at 390 w/Tax on a true sign and drive. Then there is a Chase loyalty coupon right now for 750 to tack on and get to 360. Not too bad for a pretty decent SUV.

Did the truecar quote include purchase incentives?

I don’t believe any offers exist this month either for purchase or lease, outside of 0% Financing. I’ll ask though and report back.

Edit: Checked, same offer for leasing. Calculator link below, Seattle area appears to have the highest RV but waiting to confirm it is indeed 62% and not 60% like I have seen for other regions.

360 with taxes included is an amazing deal. this is great place to get a actual cost of a lease for subaru. The price you see is the price you get. I just leased a Subaru Outback limited with the Sunroof, heated steering wheel, navigation package and a could of small things for 379 a month ZERO due at signing. Keep in mind this is with Chase 750 credit and Subaru Loyalty that covers the 1st two month or 500$.

youd have some luck stayin within budget with the dodge durango. feel free to reach out if youd like some exact numbers.

I was also going to suggest the Durango. We’re on #3 in my house, previously leased 2014, 2017, and now have 2019.

The GT+ can be optioned with the captains chairs and the Citadel comes standard. Depending what other options you want, the Citadel (without any other options) comes pretty loaded. Since you do 10k a year, you could probably get to around $400/month.

I looked at the Durango a little. The inside seems a little dated.I have a buddy who works at a Dodge dealer (hes also the one who got me the great deal on the Highlander when he worked at Toyota) and the GT Plus which offers the best rates was $544 for 36 mo/12K. Ouch.

Your buddy shouldn’t be invited over anymore for that quote lol. I have an R/T and i wouldn’t call the interior dated by any means…In fact from an infotainment stand point they crush the competition. The highlander to me seems dated and very cheap…the captains chairs were uncomfortable.


your buddy aint your buddy. lol


Would love if someone could help me out with a durango or an Ascent limited lease. Based in Eastern PA, trying to keep around $400-$430 w/ 12k miles.

If you don’t really care about getting a new design, get a 2019 Highlander for probably less. Not sure if the QX60 firesale still exists, otherwise that would be another option.

Hey hey hey now. This is the same buddy that got me a true, $0 down, $399 12k/36mo lease on the 2017 Highlander back in 2017.

Everyone had better leases in 2017. A lot has changed in the last few years. I’m coming to realize this now as my 2017 F150 lease is coming due.