My lease is up in May and i'm looking at options for something with a third row and 2nd row captains chairs


Use the search function- leasing SUVs with third rows has been discussed many many many many times in the past few months. I know more about car seats than I ever wanted or will ever need to just from those discussions.

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Second the CX9 , there are some crazy good March CX9 deals from some of the brokers in marketplace.

Ford explorer lease well nowadays lots of deals shared on forum $350-400

how do you find these brokers?

Just a heads up on the captains seats
CX9 - there is a large (like huge) console between them so it is not conducive to climb-through like Highlander you are coming from.
2020 Highlander - has one as well but it is pretty small/low instead of the fold-up cup holders like the previous models. Can be stepped over pretty easily.
Pilot - can be easily stepped over but isn’t a clear path (pretty much the same as the 2020 Highlander)
Palisade - nice clear path
Telluride EX - no captains chairs on EX (need S or SX) - nice clear path
Atlas - nice clear path
Explorer - kind of the same as Pilot and Highlander - a little more bulky but still step-over-able

I understand there is the option to move the seats forward when climbing in/out. Easy for older kids of course but being able to just climb in and get to the back through the middle of the captains seats has been super helpful on our 2017 Sienna. (5 and 2.5 year old kids)

Hope this helps!

Hey - Take a look at the Mazda deal I have posted - maybe I can help you out if you wanted to come down in the metro-nyc area.

thx for the info. i need that walk through area since the chairs have car seats installed and cant be moved to allow people to get in the back.

no problem!

Also, for your Highlander - run it through Vroom to see what they would offer. I had a great experience with them offloading my way-over-miles Impreza. Toyotas with AWD have pretty good resale here in MA so you should definitely be in the plus.

The Atlas has captains chairs that can be moved and tilted forward to allow for third row access without having to remove the child seats. Quite useful.

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In the Marketplace section.

Yes on S and SX have 7 seats

Did you search the forum? All of those models have been discussed before.

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CX9 isn’t a three row SUV.

It’s a 2 row SUV with a weird partition design in the cargo area.

It literally has a third row of seats.

After driving one for a few years, I can definitively state that it does not. They just designed the cargo partition to look like seats because they’re certainly not useful for putting people in.

It’s also a miserable vehicle.

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Guessing he is trolling because he doesn’t like the vehicle.

Third row example and screenshot of captains chairs

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Obviously there’s some hyperbole in what I’m saying, but the point is is that the CX9 isn’t as large as the competition and the 3rd row isn’t particularly useful for anything but being folded down and used as a larger storage area.

And yes, I don’t like the vehicle. Had one for 2 years and was so happy to get rid of it.

CX9 console is only on the Signature line. The Grand Touring has captains chairs with nothing between.

I’d agree with @myles21 it’s always nice when you can get something new and stay in the same payment but you’re really lucking out if that happens especially since you got such a good deal last time at 399 with nothing down. The cost of vehicles goes up every year, the market and rates change as well plus the highlander just went through a redesign for 2020 model year.

you can certainly find the new one with captains chairs and stay in same ball park right now with the right dealership though. Couple suggestions would be
1)check for loyalty with toyota sometimes they give you $500 towards staying with them
2)check out toyota’s refundable multiple security deposit program if you in a position to put some money aside to lower your payment
3) utilize 10k lease… will save you a few bucks and as you said you didn’t come close to 36k you paid for
4) wait it out another month or two programs change month to month and could help a little too since you’re not in danger of mileage penalty and have a great payment right now

Shopping for similar reqs and have basically settled on the Atlas but will likely buy a leftover 2019 because they have a bit more bonus cash and you can get them for 22-25% discount right now w/incentives.

By far the roomiest of the 3 row mid sized that I drove and you may not even need the captains chairs as the bench seat has a feature where it tills way forward to access the third row and does so while Carseats are still in place.

Love the CX9 but it is CRAMPED.