My lease is almost up - best way to deal with this?

I have a 2014 Honda CRV EX AWD that is 4k over miles but in pristine condition. There is one payment left that I could make as early as this week. I’ve already leased a new vehicle (Equinox LT), so I won’t be getting another Honda.

I’d like to turn in the Honda immediately. Should I follow the steps on Honda’s website and schedule the inspection, etc? Or should I try contacting dealerships to see if anyone wants to take the car into their “used stock”? The car is in perfect condition since I only used it to drive to/from work, so I think it would be valuable to dealerships.

If I’m not mistaken, if the dealership ends up buying the car, you don’t have to pay the disposition fee or over mileage. At least, when I last turned in a Jeep (many years ago) that was in similar excellent condition. no one ever called or contacted me about the disposition fee.

Depends on value vs residual. If value is higher than residual, dealer or carmax will buy it off you

Yup, agree with vhooloo. Trying have Beepi appraise it – if it’s worth more than the buy out price, then you have lease equity and can get paid the difference.

If a dealer or carmax buy off the car then who pays the taxes owed on the car? In TX, dealers usually do not accept trade ins on lease vehicles and request the car be turned back to the original dealership.

I traded leased cars at least twice in VA (tax on full price as in TX). Once it was VW traded in to Volvo dealer. Did not have any problems and even got some equity.

According to the contract, my buyout price is 17080. On I see dealers selling similar cars for 18-19k with similar miles. Nearest dealer that’s interested in looking at the car is 50 miles away though. Kinda a pain to drive all that way to have them tell me they don’t want the car. But if I knew it was going to save me from paying the over fees and disposition it would be well worth it.

I was told that when you lease a car in TX the title is under the dealerships name and even though they make you pay taxes, you cant trade it in cause its not under your name. It seems if I trade it in, I will have to pay the taxes again on the lease as if I was buying the car outright from the dealer.