My lease contract totally different


My lease is up in two months I plan on keeping my car I just went into my records and realized they have either committed fraud or some sort of scam when it came to the extras like the tire and wheel package Simoniz package my receipt says I paid 1200 so doesn’t my lease agreement they have me paying 2800 I put 5700 down including my first payment they shuffle that around and put it into those packages and they have them as paying my first months payment it’s crazy

I’m not sure where to begin. Did you read it when you signed it? Are you going to post a picture of the contract or do you want people to attempt to decipher what you’re attempting to say without any context?

Yes of course I did the only reason I knew it was different when I called to cancel it they told me it was 2800 when I asked him about my Simoniz package in my alignment package they don’t have it on file but when I call the companies I have an account with them and I have the receipts so I went back into my eight page lease agreement which is dated two days after it’s different I can’t figure out what they did with my down payment plus the 3500 so-called non-credit rebate it looks like they put some of that towards reducing the car price it looks like they used it as my first months payment when clearly it shows I put down $5700 which is 5000 in my first months payment I’ll post it I guess my plan is when I go in to tell them I want to keep my car I was going to use this as leverage to get the best possible deal or I go to the attorney general my car is worth 42,000 the residual is only 25,000 only 30,000 miles I’m not putting a penny down and I want to low rate but I wanna make sure I know what I’m talking about when I walk in

The buyout price is the buyout price stated in your contract. There is nothing to negotiate.


Leave the dealer out of the process of buying your car. As @Chippedbeef stated, the RV / Buyout amount listed on your lease contract is the price you get to buy it for + taxes, etc…if you are paying with your own money then log into your Lexus portal and look at the steps for buying it directly from LFS. If your getting a loan then work with your lender of choice, perhaps a credit Union and they will send a check.

When you leased the car, LFS then bought the car from the dealer and leased it to you. The buyout price isn’t negotiable. Going to the dealer will usually result in mystery fees showing up, similar to when you first leased.

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How do you know it’s a Lexus?

OP, genuine request: could use punctuation and let us know if you actually have a question that someone can help you w/?


Based off OP’s profile photo with the personalized tag I made an assumption though could very well be wrong.

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Hot topic, all you mentioned doesn’t matter - you agreed to pay for the packages and you agreed on this stuff 3 years ago.

The way the deal is structured for buyout is going to be the same all 7 days to Sunday - it’s just residual plus additional fees (buyout, early termination, et al) and remaining payments or depreciation depending on the bank.

There’s not really anything to ‘scam’ or be ‘scammed upon’ at termination when buying the residual out. You have a contracted residual value on your contract and you will expect to pay that plus fees.

Attorney general wise you have no case - you had the right to review the contract in most states and you waived it when you signed, and there usually is a lot of CYA language. There are tons of lawsuits today about hidden and illegal fees but it seems you consented to the add on packages - no?

Besides you would be suing the dealer for any imaginary contract shenanigans, and they don’t control your buyout price - that’s all on your bank (if it’s a Lexus lease that’s usually Lexus FS aka Toyota FS), and Toyota has bigger and badder lawyers than any team you could afford - and the AG won’t do anything till they can put together a case to stand on.

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I’m putting together what I might not of explained it correctly but I’ll post the info soon as I get back home it’s clear as day the only signature that doesn’t match mine is the one next to the 2800 package… just for starters the tire package was 1200 I have the receipt for 1200 I have the yellow contract for 1200 I only found out it was 2800 when I went to cancel it because my custom rims weren’t going to be covered what do you think I decided to pay 2800 instead of 12 that’s just one issue but give me a little bit to get everything posted please

They never would be covered - they’re aftermarket. Which you installed after you bought the insurance and leased the car. I’ve never heard of a wheel insurance purchased at lease inception that covers all wheels that touch a car. Read your wheel insurance contract to see what’s exactly covered, if it covers aftermarket wheels installed after purchase I’ll be surprised.

Well that’s more of a problem, are you sure it is a forged signature because that is a big accusation of fraud.

I don’t know, but I do know you’re all over the map. So you bought the Simoniz package? This dealer had a field day with you and this is all being discovered 34 months later? Is that what I’m reading?

Oh, I never looked at the pic. :wink: Your assumption makes total sense.

That’s what I was reading, too.

And I’m confused b/c, if you had an agreed-upon one price w/o all the add ons (and assuming the math worked out) and then all this stuff was added later (possibly w/ a forged signature), then shouldn’t the monthly and/or DAS been really different from what you (the OP) had originally agreed upon?

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Let’s start with this these are the three incentives that I got tire package 1200 alignment and the Glass Coat by Simoniz I was told by them it would cover my chrome rims so I took it so that’s what I left thinking I had

OP - do you have an actual question?

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Then when I called to cancel they said it was 2800 and I looked in my contract and I saw this

Then you look at my signature on these documents

I got one more signature that definitely wasn’t signed by me and it’s the agreement on 2800 when I post that in a Minute

This is not my signature but this is just the beginning of this madness

Listen all I’m saying about the 2800 is I have the receipts for 1200 and they switched it to 28 but I canceled it and at the end of the day I had 2800 in credit towards my car payment what I don’t understand and I’m really curious is where this 9200 went I put 5000 down and made one payment via 3500 sure I went to the taxes and maybe that document fee but this still like 1700 missing because it looks like they’re adding my $728.40 as part of their 3500 unless I’m missing something the math don’t add up that’s what I’m asking I don’t understand the section I am about to send to somebody please explain where the money went and what is my money factor please