My in law MB lease is up on their car, can they sell to carvana/carmax if the buyout is better than MBFS?

They got a new MB (financed through mbfs). They have until august 26 to return their leased MB
Could they sell the car to vroom/carvana/carmax if the buyout is better than MBFS?

I believe they would have to buy it first, then sell it. I’m sure someone will come along and either confirm this or confirm this is not the case with MBFS.

Some captive lenders (most) have stopped third party buyouts, or they give a higher payoff amount to the third party forcing lease customers to buy out their lease, and then sell the car if they want to. This is relatively recent and new - and it’s hard to keep track of which lenders did what, precisely.

Also, don’t most leases lock at a certain proximity to turn in? 6 months or something? Also, will they pay sales tax on the buyout? That would certainly eat into any profit unless your state has a way to avoid it. There’s another thread talking about this. If I find it I’ll link it here.


I sold my mb leased car to a non-mercedes dealer on May 31. My lease end date was July 21. No issues.

MB still allows 3rd party sales and doesn’t have a restriction on timeline as far as I know. Carvana won’t buy if it’s within 60 days of lease termination, but that’s the case for every brand with them.

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Sold my MB lease to CarMax end of July and no issues with them buying the car. The dealer payoff was the same as what I saw in the MBFS portal, but don’t know if that has changed these past few weeks. Seeing your lease ends in just about week, CarMax may be your best bet as Carvana and Vroom may take too long on their end verifying your paperwork and dealer payoff amount. Even then, unsure if that’s enough time for payment to be sent in and processed. It took about 2 weeks for the payoff payment to be reflected in my account.

I just went through the motions of a lease buyout purchase with Carvana and Give me the Vin. They both offered me about $4K more than the payoff price quote. After submitting all of the paperwork, etc… they both replied with the fact they cannot buy my car because MBFS is too difficult to work with. My local MB dealer has offered to just take back the car, no cost to me - 6 months before my lease is up. The last time I tried to turn in my lease at end of term, I had about $2500 in fees and repairs, but they waived it if I leased another Benz, which I did. I want out of the lease trap - So, I’m wondering if CarMax may be my best bet?? Thx!

What’s the Carmax offer, can’t just ‘speculate’ if you don’t have a $$$ in mind.

Carmax will not buyout MBFS leases, starting tomorrow.

How much is your monthly?

Does that add up to close to 4k? If so just give it to your MB dealer. You’re coming somewhat close.

Why do you feel it’s a trap?

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