My experience - 17 Equinox LT - $109/month, no money down

First time poster. Picked up a 17 Equinox LT on Sunday from Ted Britt Chevy in Virginia.

24 month, 10k/year
MSRP - $27645
Sale price - $23450
Incentives - $5450

  • $1700 lease cash
  • $700 incremental CCR
  • $2000 competitive lessee cash
  • $1000 bonus tag
    66% residual


  • $816.65 taxes (VA , ugh)
  • $76.75 title, license, registration
  • $595 lease acquisition
  • $689.50 documentation fee

Payment = $109/month, no money down. 23 payments, as GM is paying the first month
Costco cash card = $700

Total cost = ($109/month x 23 months) - $700 costco cash = $1807

Not bad I say! I’m liking the Equinox so far. It’s got lots of space and the features are pretty decent. We didn’t spring for any of the additional packages that would have added things like seat heaters, remote start, power lift gate, etc. but considering this car’s purpose (3rd car for 2 people) I’m okay with that.

Hope this helps someone else looking for a detailed breakdown of what to expect.


Congrats and enjoy :clap:

Great lease just as outlined in front page deal.

Any clue if I can get this deal in bay area? I am not excising GM lease holder and I signed up for costco membership in Nov.

it might be hassle for the Costco Cash card because we did the same thing and it gave us problems and we ended up calling Costco to make it work. As for the competitive lessee cash, it doesn’t need to be a GM car usually. When we leased our Chevy Cruze last year, we had the competitive cash too but with a Honda. So I am pretty sure you’d be fine with the rebates.

Nice! That’s a massive dealer discount…most we’ve seen on here I think (over $4k). Especially since you’re in a state that taxes the entire sale price. You win the internet, sir!

That doc fee though…yikes!

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Try and see if you can replicate his discount first and then you should automatically qualify for any applicable rebates. Even if you are not existing GM lease, you can get the conquest lease rebate if you have another lease.

He is definitely winning the leasehackrnets

I thought part of the Costco benefit besides the $700 card is not paying any dealer/doc fees. Am I wrong or should the OP have negotiated that out?

Thanks for getting back! Good to know you could get costco cash to work by calling in, that gives me some hope.
I do currently lease Camry (from last year deal) and still have 1 year left on it. Would that work? Do I have to return camry to get on this deal? Also do you know if any Bay area dealers offer this deal?

Go look at the terms of the competitive lessee rebate on Chevy’s website. Google is also our friend

No problem. Yeah I’m more than sure that it should work. As long as you’re registering the car in the same location and you can provide all the info for it, it should be okay. As for the Bay area, I’m not entirely sure about anything there

If this is true then I will be having a conversation with the dealership and Costco! That’s most of the cost I’m ending up paying!

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@pyrosive Can you share your sales worksheet? I contacted this dealer and they are saying they can’t get to $109 without a down payment. I’m located in Va too and I’m targeting the same vehicle.

As long as dealer is willing to give above discount and you qualify for all incentives you too should also be eligible for same 109

@vhooloo I provided the quoted deal to the same dealer and the sales manager is asking for a sales worksheet. I’m not sure what else they need to see. Not sure that I can get any farther with them. They are persistent on getting a sales worksheet.

I worked with Mark Latta as my sales person. He was great. That said, the finance manager, Angel, not so much. He kept giving me the run around even though I had the calculator out and all the numbers in front of me. It eventually got to the point where the GM (Jason, I think?) took over. Once he realized I knew what I was talking about things went much more smoothly.

The key to this deal was really the reduction off the MSRP I think. The incentives come down from GM/Chevy and the dealer gets reimbursed for them I believe (at least partially). Combine that with end of the year, and they’re willing to move stuff. What I did to get that price was submit an entry on the “Contact Us” form to all of the dealerships in the area (5+) asking for all of the model/stock numbers of the 17 Equinox they had with the red tag. Once I had that list and narrowed it down a bit, I asked them what they could do for me on the price, before incentives. Some of them tried to play games and come back with a price with the red tag already applied. You just have to be persistent. Once I had a low price off MSRP before incentives, I just went in and stayed until I got all of the incentives applied.

Good luck! PM me if anyone wants Mark’s email.

Just signed up to PM you… now trying to figure how to send PM

Had a really off experience with Ted Britt Chevy. Long story Short, they refuse to replicate the deal they gave @pyrosive

The weird part was that the managers there had no idea what I was talking about when I called yesterday. How a new car manager wouldn’t remember a deal for 15% off MSRP from three or four days ago is bizarre, but consistent with what followed. Today, I spoke with Mark, the guy @pyrosive mentioned but then got a call from somebody else who seemed to have been given my name as a lead but had none of the information I had given Mark earlier in the morning. Then this new guy called back to say they would not do the deal. So, he had no idea what the deal was, but knows that it cannot be done. Weird stuff.

Had a bad experience as well. They asked me for a sales sheet and then asked for my “friend’s” name. I asked them why they needed my friend’s name if they have all of the numbers. Either they can make the numbers work or they can’t. Anyhow after a day’s worth of back and forth, they are saying they cannot replicate the deal. It was a “one time” thing.

Congrats to @pyrosive for getting this done. Ted Britt is not going to do it again.