My E300 Loaner Experience and Advice

I’ve been here a while, trying to find a deal. I had a good deal on a 2017 E300 leftover (not loaner) in December. But I did not take the offer as I had two months on my lease (yes, I could have “pulled ahead”), but I figured that I had two months to negotiate the deal even more. Turns out that December deals are probably the best time of year to lease, and the 2017 leftover units started to dry up. So then I started looking for 2017 E300 loaners for an even better deal. Was told many times by dealers that none were available and they tried to sell me a new 2018. Ursus told me to expand my search (I wanted to stay close to home; but was good advice), so I want to Autotrader looking for 17s with less than 5k miles. Still hard to tell if it is a loaner or used (“punched”) vehicle by looking at Autotrader, so I started sending emails and calling on the cars I found.

I found that calling was much better than email. By calling, you are actively discussing with someone and they know you are serious. By emailing, you are hoping he person on the other end has nothing better to do at the time (and attention spans don’t seem to be long either). I actually spoke to someone that said they had plenty of loaners in service and they would check if they could “pull any out of service” to sell. They came back to me with multiple cars/ loaner options. I found one I liked and the dealer started at $15k off. Dealer was about an hour away.

Leasehackr was great. I sent the dealer links to great deals here (I think they hate that and some won’t deal with you once you start doing that; but some will). Then I would send over the lease calculator to them, showing that their numbers did not compute (finding extra fees and charges). Then I would lower the MF and say to them “look how sensitive the payment is to the money factor - you have to lower it some.” The calculator was great.

I am in a good spot now and I go to to see the car this weekend and finalize. This process can be exhausting and many times you need time to work these deals. They seem to always call back eventually, giving in a little more each time. Never do they just give you what you want upfront. What a game it is! And many customers would rather pay more than play the game.

Keep in mind on loaners - they have miles on them so they are closer to the needed service intervals than brand new. Tires are a concern too if you try to lease without putting on new tires during a 36 month lease given the loaner miles on them. Check the inspection sticker too. May be little time remaining. Just some small things to consider/negotiate when dealing with a loaner. They try to tell you that a loaner is the same as a new car with a lease, as the warranty and mileage allotment starts from the miles when you buy it. But there are other considerations, as I mentioned.

That is my $0.02 and my attempt to give back to this community.



Good luck! One thing to add - I would expand your search to cars of less than 10k in miles vs 5k. Let us know where you land.

Oh and the other day I looked up the cost of 19 inch runflats on tirerack to inevitably replace mine… yikes!

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give us the juicy number Todds. Don’t write a thesis and leave us hanging. WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS SIR

that is… when you finalize the deal =)


I have 19’s now on the E300. Yes, I know they are expensive to replace. Run flats. My current plan would be to find 50% tread remaining used tires near when the lease is due in. Unless I hit the lottery before then! I was told today that all E class tires are run flats now; the 18s too.

I realize a loaner qualifies as new up until 10k miles, but I have 15k miles per year and 36 months. So that takes me to 45k miles. The warranty is only good until 50k miles, so if the loaner had 9999 miles on it when I bought it, I would go outside of warranty. I learned that the warranty does not add miles for the loaner miles - the warranty starts at 0 miles no matter what.

My msrp was $62.9 k. $16k discount. $2k down total OOP. If I had put 10 MSDs down, my monthly payment would have been $438 per month including tax. I did not do the MSDs, so my payment is $490 per month including tax. MSDs make a big difference. I know people have done better, but I am very happy with my deal. I was out of time as my lease was past due in. Again I have 15 k miles per year. I had quotes at $750 per month on new 2018 E300s and $552 per month on a new Honda Accord (no joke).

The interior on the car is insane. Seems like a very nice car overall. Compared to my 2015 E350, seems just a little under powered in normal mode, but feels similar in sport mode. But 30+ MPG on the highway will be nice.


Hey Todds, do you mind if I ask what area of the country you did that deal? I’ve been looking for something similar in SoCal. So far the best I’ve found on an E300 loaner is 10.5k off MSRP, and that’s on one with 9600 miles already.

PA is the state.

Wow - 9600 miles? That’s close to not qualifying as a new lease, so they should be giving you the best deal on that one possible.

Also, just a mention - the A service comes due in 400 miles or so on your example ($216 about).

My dealership had a luxury left, and they can probably ship. Not sure if worth it.

Thanks Todds. Yeah, 9600 miles seems like too much for a loaner. It rules a 15k a year lease out too.

From looking on here it seems like shipping cross country is around 1400. Yeah might not be worth it.

Honestly, i never give a crap about servicing my lease vehicles unless it is absolutely needed and usually I just DIY, which is just an oil change. The stealership never checks the service record out of the 10 cars I’ve leased so far.