My BMW lease expires in 4 months. What options do I have

BMW i3 REX (2019). lease expires in few months. Is this car worth purchasing after the lease end? From what I remember I can purchase the car for around 30k (will have to check the number again). Are we seeing any equity buildup on these electrics during this time? Do I have an option to extend the lease?
I can also stay without another car for 6 months after lease end but who knows what will happen so it’s better to be prepared.

You can extend the lease up to two months unless you have another BMW on order for purchase or lease. Your option are basically buy out your lease, or lease/purchase a new car. You can try to buy out your lease and sale it for equity but I’m not so familiar with this. I’m sure someone else will chime in.

My dealer is ordering cars and extending leases. So just get a new car on order, agree to the price (mine is at MSRP/Buy rate), and drive what you have until then. Alternatively, hand in your car, and wait for the order to come in if you don’t really need it. Generally speaking though, you often THINK you don’t need it, but once it’s not there, you’ll miss it sometimes. And the costs for UBER etc. will add up fast.

In CA is the deposit refundable in case I don’t want the order.